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  1. I agree, and I can give no such justification.

    But is that the question we need to ask? Could we instead ask what it is we are going to do about it?

    Personally I’m tempted to fuck off out of the country and wave two fingers at the feckers while shouting “take this pain fuckers”. That’s about all I can do as an individual, vote with my feet. I’d prefer not to though, I’d prefer to be in a position to exert pressure on them to focus the pain where it belongs. Pressure that might not succeed in it’s stated intention, but could at the very least oust the muppets.

    What I’d really like to see is a guillotine set up in Stephen’s Green and the top echelons of the banking, building and political world marched to it.

  2. Yes to what Grow Up said, in that last paragraph. And I’ve also got one foot out of the country already, just sickened by it. But if something were to be DONE here, like a valid alternative to vote for, or even a large-scale protest, oh I’d be there.

    What really burned me this weekend was the newspaper report that this government spends thousands of euros -per hour- being ferried around on helicopters and private jets. Oh PLEASE. We’re a neutral country of 4 million people… why does our government need to pretend we’re a superpower, with all a superpower’s vast expenses?

    They’re taking money from disabled and elderly people while they continue to spend frightening amounts needlessly on themselves, without justification–and they couldn’t even stay in their own country with their own people on the national holiday, as usual. That’s not acting like a superpower, it’s acting more like a third-world dictatorship. Yes, I say we’re overdue for an overthrow.

  3. The CEO of Ireland Inc can pay himself /herself and their associates whatever they want. There is Nothing that you or your readers can do about it.
    Unless, of course, we have a revolution.

  4. If the tomorrows budget has s significant impact on my chances of actually starting my second year in college in September then I think I may have to start looking at buggering off somewhere else.

    They’ve already doubled the registration fees for September so somehow I have to find €1500 or there abouts. No mean feat considering I only have €204.30 per week to live on.

    The only difficulty is where to bugger off to? All the usual suspects, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are in a similar boat. America is a non starter as I’ve refused to go there several times in the past on business. And they are probably in worse shape than we are anyway 😐

  5. Our PM is paid $330,000 (you convert it) plus perks of course but it’s less than 30% of the salaries of most captains of industry. One CEO (Pacific Brands – makers of Bonds) has just moved operations offshore, sacked 1500 people and had a wage increase of $600,000 to take her to 1.6 million . . yep once more for the dummies . . .$1,600,000.00! Nobody, absolutely nobody is worth that much.

  6. Grow Up – Last year I toyed with the idea of getting the hell out of this banana republic but decided against. Those thoughts are coming back again, a lot stronger than before. A guillotine sounds great. Or an electric chair [we can play with the voltage and prolong our pleasure]??

    Susan – It’s not just the jets. They get the most rediculous allowances for the pettiest of things, and it is the only job I know of where you can get a pension while still working[?] there. I know if we stopped paying them a red cent, that it wouldn’t make that much difference to the billions, but it is the principle of the whole thing.

    Nolene – Welcome!! That is the big problem. They can pay themselves what they like and answer to no one.

    Robert – That is another problem – Most other countries are in the same boat. However, I think our boat is sinking a lot faster than the rest, so while it’s bad in other countries, it’s better than this kip.

  7. Fuck them all, I’m putting the work into getting out. They can keep the fucking place.

  8. Sure isn’t he worth the money for when he goes abroad and depicts what a handsome, slim, healthy looking and sharp dressed nation we are…..much better than that Obama fella!

  9. That was Cowan with Obama? I thought it was an advert for Schrek.
    You saw what the Thai people did last year when they decided the PM was corrupt. It took about nine months but he had to walk in the end. Not a drop of blood was spilled though!!

  10. The Blind Man – He cuts a bit of a dash all right. He must be the envy of every warthog in the world.

    King’s Bard – It could come to that yet. At least I hope it does…..

  11. grandad, you get an A-plus for your diagrams and layout, but I have deducted some marks for not showing your rough work! Good Work! Keep it up!

  12. Well, I am just about to finish my course at uni and I am leaving as soon as possible. Hell if I wasn’t stuck doing this I would have left already. I am so sick of the political bullshit being tied up with the banks and construction and selling our 50 billion of oil and gas resources to big companies for nothing… zero… nada. And only to benefit themselves.

    And whats worse is that the majority will vote for the same damn party yet again. Its kinda like keeping those damn bank CEO’s in power after their absolute greed screws everything up.

  13. Sam Crea – I’m sorry for not showing my rough work. The guinea pig ate it.

    Welcome Wesker. You have put your finger on the one thing that depresses me the most – the fact that there is no alternative. In fact the only option is to get the hell out of the country altogether.

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