Getting to know Irena — 14 Comments

  1. She sounds very similar to Svetlana who was sending out such emails twelve year ago and who I am convinced is now on Twitter

  2. Svetlana and Irina, a mother and daughter combo.
    You’re a lucky bastard, Grandad

  3. Come on GrandDad, this honey just wants your Love and credit card digit…Your Six Inch Solution may not meat her expectations…But, a fool and his money are soon partying so carry on in disbelief….An ah, Ian, 12 years and now a Twitter-er….Me thinks there may be an Etheopian behind her
    advances….Remember, Gerenamo was a Arizona indian who took scalps…

  4. Haha . .dont wanna burst your bubble but she’s bisexual and has been writing to me on a regular basis . . .I’d almost turn gay for her frankly but two women in the kitchen is one too many!

  5. Stipes – I like my Russian Sandwiches!!

    RWG – That lass can have my final digit any time.

    Maxi – You do indeed. Are you free tomorrow night?

  6. I could have a brazilian, but that would just reveal the rash and bilsters.

    English mum:
    My equipment is always delicate. Like a petal.

  7. Baino – Bisexual? Who cares? She can bring her girlfriend along too [as along as she is bisexual as well].

    E Mum – And like a petal, Maxi’s is always falling off.

  8. lol, i reveived the same letter today.. and it it only hours ago i added my mail on twitter.. lol…. i will write back and here when her mother is dying and she cant affort hostpital or funeral..

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