Herself is moving up in the world — 15 Comments

  1. Ooo, she’s like Rapunzel, and you can very honestly tell everyone that you’re treating her like a fairy tale princess.

    Personally I’d be very happy in one of those: someone else does the cooking and washing up, cleans their own toilet and leaves me in peace?? The stuff of DREAMS.

  2. I notice you’ve added a radiator. Is that a soft touch, or will it be disconnected to add insult to injury?

    And toilet paper? Has she no hands??

  3. Susan – I always treat her very well. None of your generic drugs or any of that rubbish.

    Kae – Actually, that radiator doesn’t work! It was left over from the old room [when it did work] but is pure decoration now. The rolls of kitchen and toilet paper were there for cleaning up the paint spills. I left some sandpaper for the other.

  4. Grandad,
    A man after my own heart and bindings, lashings, attachments, what ever is the proper way to say how to keep things “secure”

  5. Popeye – She won’t have time for recreation. I’ll be giving her lots of work to do.

    John O – Razor wire?

    Jim C – Of course the old ways are the best. What is the point in all these new-fangled “technologies”? They are only reinventing the wheel [and making it square in the process].

  6. TheChrisD – Yes. I have made it as soundproof as possible, though I suppose I had better bring food up occasionally?

  7. Baino – I spoil her. Mind you, I didn’t bother giving the wooden seat a final sanding so there may be a few splinters. I’ll get around to it some year.

  8. There was a young nun in the bath when there was a knock at the door, which was unlocked.

    “Who is it?” she says

    “The blind man”, he says.

    “Oh, you’re safe to come in. The door is open”.

    In walks a young man in overalls. “Nice tits”, he says, “where do you want the blind?”

  9. All jokes aside, which I know is a tough one on this blog… that is indeed a very nice room! If Sandy’s rapt attention is anything to go by, it obviously affords a great view of the rabbits in the garden.

  10. Hello,

    I am the very man who installed the blinds in Head Rambles Manor yesterday and they look very well. Also pleased to inform you that my eyesight is fine!

    Hopefully Grandad will post some pictures of his new blinds to show my handywork!

    Ian…..that joke is as old as the hills!

  11. Karyn – I was up there today and needed sunglasses. It is very bright and airy. The views are quite good too! I should have done it years ago…

    The Blind Man – Welcome, Sir! You did a grand job indeed, and the room looks fantastic. I may indeed post some photographs. I’ll take some the next time I’m feeding Herself, in a week or two.

    Ian – The Blind Man is is right. You live too sheltered a life.

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