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  1. Well, I live in Washington and let me tell you it’s no more exciting here than anywhere else. There are just ebbs and flows in life. Personally, I love your ramblings every day – it adds colour and cheer to an otherwise very (at the moment) mundane, albeit busy life. I think it’s got something to do with the time of the year too and the lousy weather. It’s hard to be inspired by cold and damp and cloud….

    Keep writing – I’m not leaving, unless you want me to! I take it you’ll be diplomatic if you do! 🙂 And if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t written on my blog in months now, outside of a couple of short posts. It used to inspire me to write about my daily happenings but I’m just not inspired at all late. Granted, there is a lot going on in my life, just haven’t had the heart to write about it.

    The fact that you write every day is what makes people come back. We all enjoy the funny, sometimes poignant observations that you have about life Grandad. And that inspires the rest of us. So, don’t change the format – it’ll take away my daily smile.

    Just my humble opinion though. I know there’ll be others who will feel differently. Hope the scenery changes soon Grandad. 🙂 Spring might help it along….

  2. Grandad, you need to reduced, or maybe increase, the intake of your special crop. You sound positively mellow. If I didn’t know we had all of the aliens locked up in a special containment facility at area 51 I suggest checking your house for pods. Come to think of it maybe I’ll double check the locks on the stasis chambers to make sure they are all still there.

  3. Think of it as being in an automobile race. Go fast, turn left!
    When you don’t feel like doing it then pull over and have a picnic lunch.
    I would think that if you make a destination out of this blog then that says you fully intend to stop it at some point. Don’t do that.
    Everyone needs a spark from time to time. I could use one right now.
    I’m surrounded by people who say things like: VPN, SSTP, C++, ROI, in the Cloud, Virutal, VM the machine because port 588 was listening but is now established.
    Sometimes I wish they would say, Let’s all sit out on the front porch and watch the river go by, but they don’t, No, they just talk in that secret ‘IT’ code.
    Anyways, how the hell am I suppose to keep a smile on my face while working with my fellow Comp-U-Geeks without reading your scribblings, or Snady’s or Herself’s or ‘The Other Fellow’s or Ron’s or even that CIA planted rat-thing’s or …

  4. I would love to hear more about the bumble bee. Apparently they like to have their fur stroked, but I have yet to try it.

  5. I am, as usual, bereft of ideas. I do, however, wonder which one is you in that old jalopy.

  6. “Down To The Village and Up Yours.”

    This would be good to build readership among the locals and support the local constable too, because he would have to investigate every complaint made by citizens against you.

  7. Yes, that is me above “undefined.” Nice feature you have added. Now you’re a shrink too?

  8. Ahem: never run a system scan and try to comment. (that’s not a suggestion for a column, just an observation.)

  9. your blog helps me get thru my day, i look forward to reading your view of the world when i need a giggle at work, don’t go anywhere!

  10. how about a “Wanker of the day/week” feature. Plenty of content out there for you.

  11. I know this is off topic, but I just had a thought. If a tourist was ever eliminated over in your neck of the woods, would you be the first person they looked for?

  12. Darragh – I wish I did.

    Tricia – I doubt that Washington is as quiet as here! Incidentally, I not worried about it, I’m just in a contempilit pensiv thoughtful mood.

    Kae – That is very much on the cards now that the hunting season has started. Already I have run my first visitor’s car into a ditch.

    Jim C – I’m always mellow, except when I’m ranting about something. I might increase the dose a bit – not that I need it, but it is good stuff this year.

    Brianf – I have no intention of giving it up. Not today anyway, but tomorrow is another day. The greatest way to treat IT geeks is to make up your own language and acronyms. None of them will dare to admit that they don’t know what you’re talking about. It worked for me…..

    Stan – I haven’t seen one, as yet, but when I do I shall interview it, thiough I doubt I shall stroke its fur. I find these harassment cases very tedious.

    TT – That’s me and Spanner. I’m the one doing the driving, of course.

    Sixty – Down to the Village and Up Yours? It has a catchy ring to it all right, but I’m not quite sure what it means. You want more gossip about the people in the village?

    Sixty – You’re not ‘undefined’. We all know you are a Long String.

    Sixty – You never fail to amaze me with your worldly wisdom.

    Patty – I’m not going anywhere. I think that’s part of the problem!

    Frank – Nice one! That could well become a feature. Watch this space!

    Daniel – Everything here is off topic [usually]. If a tourist goes missing around here, it could be any one a number of the local members of the Irish Tourist Shooting Association, of which out Sherrif is a leading light. Quite often, he is the one who claims the score for an ‘elimination’.

  13. Good grief Grandad, whats going on here?
    At least people read, inwardly digest, leave an insult or two (or maybe just comment) and then wait to see what everybody else puts – but they do visit!!!

    I think you need to learn a language – then you can teach us all!!!

    We oughta be learning something!

  14. Well, seeing as you’re getting on in years (Heh!) and very techno savvy, how about doing regular reviews and field tests of Gadgets for the Elderly? Who knows, if you ask the manufacturers nicely enough you might get a free one. I’ll start you off, the Talking Medicine Cabinet.

    ‘Oh medicine cabinet on the wall, who is the youngest of them all?’

    ‘You, now shut up and take your prosaic!

  15. Kate – Nothing’s going on here apart from the usual rubbish. Why do you ask? Ans as for learning a new language – I have enough trouble hanging on to the one I normally use.

    Jack – Jayzus but those things are scary! Why don’t they invent something useful like a device for opening vacuum packed rashers?

    Xbox – Since I wrote the scribble this morning, I have been thinking about that. I think it is about time people can benefit from my vast wisdom. I’ll set something up. Maybe. If I can be bothered.

  16. I can see this taking off, romantic troubles, work issues, moral quandaries, come to granddad for the definitive guidance.

  17. how come there’s so many yanks tuned in today.
    I thought with your reputation they would be afraid to show their faces.

  18. Stipes – I always get a lot of visitors from Over There. It just goes to show how tolerant I am.

  19. Oh the Agony Grandad thing, definitely. It will open a floodgate of lunatics I’m certain, but what fun!

    Your book wandered into my last post on my blog, btw. And now it’s converting my husband; my life may be changing here.

  20. Like so many of your fans, I have come to enjoy your daily observations of life on The Other Side and the opportunity to mash back with a bit of my own frustrations.

    You have become the Mad As Hell Mick that echos my dear departed brother with whom I could always count on to throw gasoline on the red hot issues of the day. Like yourself he had a grand life as a tail gunner, spy for the US Air Force, a radio DJ and later as our Irish family geneology expert. He bought his Jamisons by the case in his later years to get his Irish up and spent many a day at the computer being in touch with our relatives and friends still in Galway and Rosecommon.

    So please do keep on with your rants and observations, you’ve become like family to me.


  21. Don’t panic, you’re just driving around Canberra!

    Yep, an advice column could be hilarious and McMad’s gadgets for the elderley – why stop at the elderley? Hehe . . .ignore Maxi he posts enough about porn for the the entire blogosphere.

  22. How about a beer of the week, critiqued in your own unique way. Heck you might even get sponsored, imagine drinking for a living….

  23. I don’t have any suggestions – but I listen to the RTE “Morning Ireland” podcast every day and then come here to get the real scoop. Please keep it up for those of us in the diaspora.

  24. Love your site and the giving out. Don’t give up the giving out. Methinks you need a roving [Rambling] reporter. A Head Rambles TEAM of pure Headers / mad feckers.

  25. Maxi – I have to admire your ability to introduce porn absolutely anywhere.

    TheChrisD – That would be a good idea, but I don’t have a Spectrum any more. Unless you want me to review Minesweeper?

    Susan – I saw your last post 🙂 I would have commented but I was too shy. I’m a real bollix when it comes to not posting on other peoples sites.

    RWG – It is indeed an honour to be an honourary member of the family. I shall buy a case of Jamesons to celebrate.

    Baino – Don’t be foolish. If I were driving aroud Canberra, I’d be upside down. Do you really think I wouldn’t notice that?

    Popeye – I’m sure Elvis sang in many bars? In fact, I’m sure I saw him singing recently in a bar in the next village to us.

    TomTom – That is a brilliant idea. The only problem is that you would become bored of my weekly critique of Guinness?

    heshields3641 – I’m glad to hear that I have a higher cridibility rating than Morning Ireland. They only talk about gloomy things anyway.

    SHoop – Who the hell would want to write for this site? They’d have to be mad.

  26. You’re suffering from the exact thing I suffer from; looking at it from the blog owner’s/writer’s point of view. Always a very tainted view to say the least. The trouble is that neither you nor I, among many other amazingly talented bloggers, can stand outside ourselves and look at it from a reader’s point of view and therein lies our problem. The real conundrum is that it’s not actually a problem, we just fail to realize it.

    Hell, compared to myself, you’re an outright socialite. To put it succinctly, even your “spinning your wheels and getting nowhere” type posts are a good read. I suggest you stop trying to live up to your own reputation and just keep on writing cause there ain’t no end to it.

    Note: I’m sure the “stop trying to live up to your own reputation” part doesn’t apply at all but it sounded so good when I thought of it I just had to write it down while I had the opportunity.

    I’ll also add my vote for the ‘Agony Grandad’ column thing or something of the like. Should be easy enough on your part since your advice on most matters could be simply “Have you considered drinking?” Or maybe that could be the title of the column?

  27. Go for the Agony Grandad option on one condition.
    You have to consume 12 pints of Arthurs real ale before replying. That will give you something to do at 3o’clock on Sunday mornings.

  28. Roderic – The same old shite shall continue.

    Kirk M – Jayzus but you’re getting fierce filosofic phylosofic deep on me. I’ll have to bring that down to the pub to get someone to translate.

    Stipes – The old Agony Grandad is looking like a front runner all right. I don’t know quite what day of the week I would do it, but twelve pints any night would suit me fine.

  29. Phisophi, filosp….philasop…? (ah, whatever). Nah, not really. It’s all those fancy words that keep popping out of my head recently. It has to be one of the new medications, got to be.

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