Morally reprehensible — 12 Comments

  1. Marie Antoinette might have something to explain to them.

    I’ve never seen such a selfish and oblivious bunch in all my days.

  2. I actually thought that members of the Seanad worked on an expenses-only basis, like the English House of Lords used to be (maybe still is). €70,000 a year for being a senator; no constituency work to do, not too many sitting days – it beggars belief.

  3. Hear, hear! Well said, that man.

    I also find it morally reprehensible that fat cats in the banking world are getting whopping great bonuses. Bonuses are supposed to be a reward for doing a good job. Does not compute.

  4. I think it speaks of the times Grandad. Look at all the CEO’s over here in the USA being jailed for fraud and stealing off the general public. When it comes to taking from education and health care, I see as red as you do… It is unforgiveable.

  5. Aye, if you’ve ever been in New York on St Paddys Day then you know that the Minister will be caught up in the frenzy of tens of thousands of pseudo Irish running wild through the streets puking green beer and cabbage all over each other in the name of what , poor St Pat, the patron saint of Puke ?
    I’m heading down canyon today to get some green corn tortillas an a nice brisket of beef an a 6 pack of Guiness an a pint of Jamisons… Tacos anyone ? Erie go broke, er, braugh…Indeed.


  6. RWG – Surely you must be wrong? We have been assured so many times that these trips are purely to drum up foreign investment?

  7. It’s a real shame. Most folk find their occupations / doing a good days work purposeful, character-building and rewarding. When a fair chunk of that effort and hard-earned cash goes to lining those liars’ pockets and paying for their junkets….well…it’s easy to get disgruntled. And we’re naturally a happy nation.

    Still, we can revolt on Tuesday while they’re ootc [out of the country], yes?? 😉

  8. It’s almost funny.

    I tell this stuff to my colleagues here and they just laugh, think I’m making it all up.

    “Oh you Irish, you are all so funny”

  9. I think corruption and rough times are happening all over….

    My German neighbors tell me of all the bad going on here…. My
    American family tell of all the bad there, and now my husband’s
    cousins/family in Ireland are doing the same.
    Is the whole world going to hell in a hand-basket?


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