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  1. Heh heh very funny. I had people arrive at my one with ‘pee is thick and slimey’, ‘dressed in drag’ and ‘what do giblets look like’

  2. I’ll have to contact Google, they were suppose to have deleted those searches, so much for the incognito mode of Chrome.

  3. Ah, Grandad, you’re good to the people. So many answers!
    This post reminds me of my librarian days … I think I need my pills now, and a lie down. Yes, a few hours in a fetal position, under a duvet, might be just what I need to keep the flashbacks away…

  4. Jack – What the hell are you writing about to invite such people?

    Ian – Please don’t mention that tosser. You’ll only encourage him. Actually, I thank the second last one was from him after a mail I sent him.

    Jim C – Heh! Come on – which are yours? How are you getting on with the cow?

    Susan – Flashbacks are a bugger. Try Prozac. It works for me.

  5. My greyhound doesn’t wet anybody’s bed – least of all hers … but I have heard it is quite a common occurence with ex-racing females!

    Fascinating searches – I just get people looking for patatas bravas and how to bottle fruit on mine!

    I am obviously very boring and not worthy of the more exciting searches…… ah well…

  6. The truth’s been shown and it’s hard to take.

    I dared to fire up Woopra (handy isn’t it?) to check what my visitors search for and it wasn’t pretty. If I was to attempt to make a list like yours it would include two things only:



    Groundhogs (Punxutawney Phil to be exact)


  7. God there are some weird nutters out there that read blogs…. [reaches for pills]

  8. i don’t keep a particularly close eye on the traffic I get or what brings it tome, but I don’t think I’ve had anything half as exciting as many of those terms. I often use lyrics from songs as post titles so I get a good few hits from people googling those. when i first started out i posted pictures of attractive young ladies in state of semi-undress once or twice, just to see what kind of traffic it would bring me. A frightening amount, as it turned out. But they never stayed to chat.

  9. My greyhound never gets out of his bed long enough to wet it, lazy sod.

    Nice one, GD, I reckon you have a good future as an agony aunt ahead of you.

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