Blue skies in January — 12 Comments

  1. ‘Also in a fit of madness, I booked it for a whole month. I have never had a whole month on holidays. In fact, including travel, it will be nearer five weeks.’

    Roll on retirement! (…or perhaps “roll on redundancy” might be more appropriate?)

  2. Grandad,

    In the past, I have booked summer holidays for the following year before going on holiday in the present year – it’s the only way of getting a caravan to rent on some of the French campsites.

    If I were you, I would be off to France in March (and April and May and . . .). It’s not just the weather; it’s the news every day. I know the news in France is just as bad, but my French is so poor, that I have little idea of what is going on.

  3. 5 weeks if hols, eh!! Am I jealous or what. OOooh, to have the time and the money! Have to say the house and the envirs looks the biz.

    On the subject of weather, apparently there’s a heatwave in melbourne at the moment, average day temp of 43 degrees. Wouldnt that make you want to embrace the cold and dull skies of dear ole Ireland.?!

  4. Hoor – If I had known it would be like this I would have retired in my twenties.

    Ian – Chance would be a fine thing. I would give anything to do a March to October stint in France, but there is the wee matter of finance. However, you never know what the future holds? Maybe when The Buke becomes a world best seller?

    Charmed – I only wrote the above to piss everyone off. Heh! You’re right though – 43 is a tad hot?

  5. Good for you escaping the reality of January/February. It’s the time of year which is a bit hollow – no distractions like Christmas or the like. It’s when we get our snow – which I don’t mind at all. It’s the ice and having to go out and break it up all the time to get out of my driveway that gets me…

    Your house in France looks like just the medicine for all the winter blues – are you extending an invitation to your blog fans? 😉

  6. Tricia – Much as I would love to have everyone along, there just ain’t the room. Just two bedrooms between Herself, myself, Sandy and Rodger. Whe haven’t decided who goes where yet.

    Red – When I go on holiday, I go on holiday. Having said that, the house does have high speed broadband thrown in as part of the package. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with that!!

  7. Tis delightful to read your daily ramblings from the old sod…

    Setting myself in 79 degree Arizona USA sun, I can only thank my grandads for jumping ship in America and landing me born in California, the land of eternal sun….Had they stayed in Galway and Rosecommon I’d most likely be a
    Jamisons pissed old fart like you, but as it is, I’m a Jack Daniels pissed perfectly happy desert rat that is learning through your posts to be pleased with our lot….Thanks for the miserys of Ireland….They are comforting…

  8. Blue skies all the time can be overrated. It is supposed to be 80(f) and sunny where I am today and for who knows how long. We got about 2 weeks, all together, of cold, and gloomy/rainy weather throughout the months of December and January. Its dreadful having to wake up in winter and RARELY get to experience winter weather. I’d kill for some gloom right now.

    The grass is always greener.

  9. Robert W G – Welcome 🙂 I don’t know whether to thank you for your first line or ban you for wallowing in our misery? Ah feck! I’ll be kind. Thanks. I like your car, by the way. Can I have ten?

    Shannon – Blue skies all the time would be a bit much, but I would like to see them a bit more than once a month. I suppose you can’t appreciate pleasure until you have experienced pain? And you can have my gloom any time.

  10. Hurrah for winter holidays! I’m on one too, and enjoying the blue skies and the bit of snow making everything look like a Christmas card. I suppose in a week or two I’ll miss the ol’ swamp, but for now I’m happy to be away in the sunshine, cold or not.

  11. Susan – I saw you were off on a solo junket. I do read your blog even if I am crap at commenting. In fact, I read just about everyones’ damn blog. Enjoy your trip. We’ll keep the place cool and damp for your return.

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