Too apathetic to be apathetic — 16 Comments

  1. Yea, got the same thing as well, although I have been like that since last friday and seem to be getting better today.

    I was just told today is the most depressing day of the year and I am wondering is this supposed to be a public holiday then ?

    Especially since it happens the same time every year !

  2. You did much better with sleep than I did last night. And much better today as well.

    I ‘ve now been awake over 24 hours, today was our first day back in college and no one told us that the timetable had been changed.

    Normally having an early finish to the day would be a good thing but after spending an hour driving there in the snow and then one hour back in a mini-blizzard has totally made me… Ah feck it, I can be arsed whinging either.

  3. Not the probation officer again? Don’t they realise you finished your community service months ago when you’d reached the required total of dead tourists?

  4. Its called ennui Grandad. Apparently this condition was discovered by the French but they were too apathetic to tell anybody. I have great sympathy with all sufferers of ennui since I have the condition in its most virulent form. My life has been blighted by it since my late teens.

  5. Well I hope someone re-wires you soon. If you want them to, that is.

    I can’t help but wonder, why do we never hear about what day we’re supposed to be HAPPY? Why is there no happy day?

  6. Welcome Rob. The most depressing day must surely be early December, with the Christmas madness in full swing and the days still getting shorter? Who cares?

    Robert – You couldn’t sleep for the excitement? Jayzus, but I can’t think of anything to say.. 🙁

    Nick – It’s more of a habit thing that has grown over the years. He bugs me when he has nothing else to do.

    Hoor – Ennui does sort of describe it all right. I’m now at Max-Ennui.. can’t think at all at all….

    Susan – They never talk about happiness. I do but they don’t. We heard about oil prices going up, but did they shout about it when prices came down again? Do we hear anyone marvelling at the low interest rates? Has anyone held a party to celebrate the end of Dubya???

  7. Grandad:

    Happens to me all the time of late. Might possibly be the (so-called legal) drugs in my case though. Be glad this only happens to you once in awhile (and you even manage to write about). If I don’t get a post in before noon I’m done and you see how often that happens these days.


    A happy day? Not a bad idea but you know how people are. Half of them would resent the fact that they have to be happy on a given day of the year and the other half would stress out so bad about the fact they need to be happy on Tuesday (Wednesday, Thursday, etc) they’d end up too strung out to be happy. People always tend to muck things up like that. 😛

  8. Maxi – !

    Kirk M – I do declare it’s begining to lift. Too late to do any work though. 😉

    Brianf – Thank you for your cheerful comment. It reads like a suicide note!

    Robert – Surely that is easly and pleasently rectified?

  9. It would be if I had the fiscal means to rectify it GD 😐

    Blew all my cash on cigarettes and petrol this morning.

  10. I would have read this yesterday, but I wasn’t bothered.

    That and I slept through the entire day!

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