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  1. Obviously, you’re not keen on theme tweaking, what with your pills and soldiers and flaming cars. But I’m not much help. I’ve been trying to find that little comment link to put in my feeds like you have, and it’s proven to be quite evasive. I checked feedburner, as you suggested (or was it the other fellow?) I’ve gone through all of the WP plugins I could find. Nothing.

    I need more coffee.

  2. Em… you’ve probably just got him an additional few hundred views.

    Thank god he has that feedburner reader widget thing on the side, I was beginning to get upset that I get less comments than the worst blog on the internet.

  3. RhodesTer – This theme is already tweaked [you don’t think they sell ’em like this?]. Drop me a line about the plugin you want and give a bit more detail….

    BBBB – Will you please stop changing your name. You keep getting stuck in moderation! I think you overestimate my readership? A few hundred views? Do you get less comments?

    Susan – I like the style of his theme but it wouldn’t suit me. It’s too gay. I need something with a bit of action.

  4. Amazing what advertising on here can do – are you thinking of retiring and sending all your readers to ‘the other fellow’? Oh wait – i think you just did!!!!!


    Hundreds isn’t an insane figure, people will revisit and such… easily bringing it into hundred.(this was much longer and detailed first time round)

    Sorry bout the name thing, Firefox lists every username I have everywhere in your box for some reason.

    I average like 4… so yes.

  6. Kate – Are you suggesting that my loyal followers should desert me for that runt? You have little faith.

    BBB[B] – I doubt they’ll stay long. Incidentally, your WiFi has taste?

    RhodesTer – Nice one! 😉 I leave no stone unturned.

    TT – Others seem to manage [unfortunately]? I hope you wanted to abuse him? 😈

  7. I like them both, but I agree that your theme should be a little more…er…hard core. I never knew split personalities could be so much fun!

  8. Firstly, your “stuck in moderation” quote has given me the perfect title I needed for my forthcoming movie styled on Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” – thanks for this Grandad!!

    Secondly, blogging on a black background fails fails fails. I speak not only from an experienced graphic design opinion, but more so from a blog-reader opinion. It’s cool with print media – not web media.

    The other theme you suggest looks like a recipe book. Your choice my friend.

    Thirdly, the Other Fellow doesn’t give out about anything. Why is that? Sure isn’t all Irish wit [this century and the last one at least], revolved around shit-stirring and provoking unrest among the people? You have him tied to a chair somewhere and drugged up with happy pills I suspect.

    Fourthly, eh…dunno. But I’ll think of something;)

  9. Oh yes, remember fourthly now….is Herself married to Grandad AND The Other Fellow?? [raises eyebrow].

    Fifthly [as opposed to Filthy]; what am I doing here @ the weekend and not on company time???

  10. i like the blue jean one even if dark blogs supposedly don’t work. they sure are easier on the eyes for me. the other one is waaaaay too pink and does look like a recipe blog. i like the other fellow, but then i would.

  11. Absolutely agree with Spaghetti Hoop’s obs – there is a huge dichoctomy going on here ….big problem….not a convenient place to be or not to be – that is the question…

  12. E Mum – I thought you’d like the colour of this. It is somewhat pinkish?

    SHoop – I couldn’t agree more about pale text on a dark background. As EMum says, this one needs to be more hard core, or something, or whatever. Yer Man is always up to his eyeballs in Vallium or something. I’ll hide his stash and see what happens. 😈

    P.S. Herself is a free thinker. *cough*

    Prin – I like it too, BUT it just doesn’t work for this site. I may resort to trying my own design, if I can do it.

    TT – Too much hassle. You lot would only lie through your teeth anyway.

    Maxi – Changing the colour is no problem. It’s the graphics that are the tricky bit.

    Milton – Don’t worry about it. You’ll give yourself a headache?

  13. Why is my comment suddenly awaiting moderation? Have you tightened up your security? Anyway, back to the design, if I was you I would design something similar to the book cover.

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