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  1. I think the USA needs a new constitutional amendment allowing states to resign from the union. Perhaps then we could salvage something of the nation. Instead in their old age our children will be able to tell the story of being present at the demise of America. I encourage everyone to learn Chinese so they can communicate with the rulers of the new world order.

  2. Jim C – What we need is to go back to medieval times when all states were independently ruled. Scrap all this globalisation, and let each state in America and the rest of the world rule itself. Washington is the exception – that has to be nuked.

  3. “Obama = financial disaster”

    Does that imply everything is rosy in our economic garden right now? He wouldn’t take office until Janurary 2009 you know!

    There’s a saying that if corporate America sneezes, Ireland gets pneumonia.

    Right now after 8 years of the poorly-mandated Bush neo-con agenda, the American economy isn’t just sneezing it’s got phlegm coming out from all angles!

    All Obama wants to do is give some it rest so it can take the right medicine. Once it recovers, Ireland will be one of the many benefactors. I think that’s enough of the medical metaphors but you get my point!!!

  4. Seems to sum it up alright. What should the incompotenti here be doing to mitigate the effects of either scenario then?

    I like the idea of states secceeding. Maybe one of them could join Ireland (or vice versa). We could have a sunny south west then 🙂

  5. Welcome, JL! My philosophy is that a pessimist is never disappointed. I’m either right, or things are better than I expected. I seriously hope Obama gets in because if McCain/Palin get their finger on the button, we are all fu

    Thrifty – What should the incompotenti here be doing? Resigning of course.
    What states Would you like? Florida? [All the blue rinse brigade?] Texas? [Hurricanes?] Alaska? Yes. Alaska. All that oil, and we can play Hunt the Palin.

  6. Seems to me we tried that seccession thing back in the 1860’s. Didn’t work out too well. Also, the last thing we need is for Europe going back to a collection of independant states. You always end up fighting each other then we have to come over and save your butts. Not Ireland of course. We just finance your troubles.

  7. @ ChrisD – So do I or maybe its that I don’t understand or I don’t want to understand – same thing probably.

    There is no point in worrying about what you cannot change – what we need is an uprising – but thats unlikely to happen too…

  8. Hey Grandad, glad to see the Irish are being inundated with election talk too. Can’t wait till it’s over personally and we can watch TV again without it being dominated by ridiculous campaign ads. I’ve been out of discussion for a while due to two sick kids but hopefully I’m back in now.

    Regarding the vote – well I’m still considered a ‘legal alien’ here – isn’t that a great name to be calling an Irish/American? so unfortunately have no say. I did, however, send my nine year old child to the polls with my husband, to ensure that he voted for Obama – not sure how successful that turned out yet – he is a true Repulican which makes for some very interesting wars in our house!

    Can’t believe the Irish government is making such a mess of things – I’d better get home soon and find out for myself…

  9. TT – The one thing we badly need is to abandon the United Sates of Europe. Everything would be fine if everyone stopped poking into everyone else’s affairs.

    The ChrisD – There there! Don’t fret. It will soon be over.

    Kate – I’m not talking to you. *goes away in a sulk*

    Tricia – Are you one of those aliens from Roswell? You have no idea of the absolute mess our lot have made of the country. If this were Africa, the UN would have stepped in by now with talks of despotic dictatorships and human catastrophes.

    Stipes – It means she has been passed by the Men in Black.

  10. ha ha – I really don’t know if it means the same as ‘documented Irish’ because I’m not sure what that is. But, I know that because I married an American (obviously wasn’t thinking too straight at the time right?) and after a series of interviews where we presented evidence – including our 1 year old child, it was declared that I was no longer a ‘temporary alien resident’, but a permanent one. Didn’t take the sting out of the term though. As soon as I take the citizenship test, I’ll become a full-blooded American – no alien attached. And yes, I was ‘passed’ by the men in black and red and blue too… It’s a torturous process to become an alien when you’re actually Irish….

  11. I’ll be glad when it’s all over. It’s airing on free to air TV for the next 24 hours (since it’s Thursday here, I’m a little miffed we haven’t got the result already) I’m for Obama – he’s black enough to be black and white enough to be white if you know what I mean. And because statistically there’s a 1:6 chance that McCain will cark it in his first year of office due to his skin cancer history and then we’re left with that screeching, over dressed, lipstick donning hicky hockey MOM. (God who says Mom!). Her voice alone makes my ears bleed!

  12. We could survive an Obama Presidency. We might survive a Democratically controlled House and Senate. We may never recover from a liberal, activist Supreme Court who see themselves as dictators for life.

    TT you are right we did try succession once and as far as some are concerned it has been a very long cease fire while they regroup.

    The last Great Depression ended in WWII. I would prefer to avoid that type of economic recovery.

  13. South Carolina tried to secede once, and they got 19th Century nuked for it! 🙂

    I agree with you, Grandad. It’s a mess either way!

  14. JD – Why aren’t you out there voting? You should be able to cast a few dozen more votes before the polls close?

  15. I’ve already voted once, but if I use a few Irish aliases I might could squeeze in a few more! 🙂

    The poll worker only glanced at my name on the drivers license! So, I might could get away with it!

    All of the poll workers in my precinct were African-American. They were a bit Obarbearing. Not a prejudicial remark, just a factual one. 🙂

  16. Grandad Obama is probably part Irish as his relatives were born in Kansas. And don’t forget his name is O’Bama.So don’t worry.

  17. I’m one of those a la carte international and national election followers that get excited only at the beginning and the end of the contest…and skip the bullshit in-between while I plumb away like Joe. [Mind you, Tina Fey was worth a brief tapping in to the media hype – wasn’t she great?].

    But I agree – seccession for the States. One individual elected over that population of voters is dangerous.

    If there are no more Bushes in the White House, I march less on the streets. 21st Century Imperialism might take a new course. America might just think about America. Which is better for Americans. And I don’t believe our US corporate employers will clear off that quickly from their talented workforce in Ireland.

    If Obama wins, do you think County Offaly might adopt a superiority status globally? That’s what worries me.

  18. Oven Chip has just delivered a nauseating conceding speech. If the next one is the same, I’m emigrating to Ion [one of Jupiter’s moons].

  19. Ugghh….I don’t know what to say?! I reckon I’ll have to hold to my promise! Do you remember that promise, Grandad? 🙂

  20. Not talking to me? I bet you are almost speechless this morning.
    ‘What a crazy world we’re living in’ – remember that one Grandad?

  21. SHoop – I’m very sorry that I didn’t stay up all night to talk to you. I had other things to attend to [like sleep?].

    JD – Please remind me. Be honest, because if I suspect you are lying, I’ll check.

    Kate – When was I ever speechless? Happy Guy Fawkes Day, and mind the bangers.

  22. Only when you are sulking I suppose!! 😉 – no fireworks for me tonight – I have the dog, cat and guinea pig to look after – anyway theirs been fireworks every night here for the past month.
    No, tonight I am packing – for on Saturday I fly!!!!

  23. Kate – I only sulk when I am memed. Our menagerie are only just getting over Halloween.

    TheChrisD – We have been screwed ever since FF got back in.

  24. Grandad are you an hour ahead* of the rest of us mere mortals?!? That must be great craic?

    * # Grandad on 05 Nov 2008 at 1:32 pm

  25. Grandad are you an hour ahead

    No. You’re an hour behind. I decided I had had enough of all this clock changing crap, so I’m sticking to GMT [Grandad’s Mountain Time]. It’s also handy for winning the lottery! 😉

  26. Fortunately for the USA and all of us Obama has won. But I wouldn’t expect miracles from him. He’s got the hardest job on the planet waiting for him.
    I predicted already in January that he would be the Democratic Party’s candidate, and that he would win if the Americans have the will to survive as a country. So I am not too surprised.

    And I don’t share your worries about job losses for Ireland. He will for sure stimulate the US economy first, and favour inward investment. That’s to be expected and makes sense.
    But as there are meanwhile nearly as many Americans working in Irish owned companies in the USA as Irish people work in US owned firms here, I expect that he would be careful to hurt Ireland.

    And – apart from everything else, he has apparently relatives in Co. Offaly. Which means that he won’t upset Biffo…

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