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  1. Hmm… Those must be some kind of glasses! Mine don’t make me look honest and cherubic at all and when I used to park (no car now) wardens were always clamping my back wheel! I reckon it was your beard deluding the warden into thinking of Father Christmas, twinkly lights, presents and good will towards men… Ha!

  2. tsk tsk tsk, isnt this kinda like cheating the system. My brother does this kinda thing all the time. He reckons its fair enough – they take away perfectly fine parking spaces and use them for footpaths and trees and ornaments and flower pots etc then expect people to park up for the scarce parking spots.
    Ah Geri, Christmas is truly in the air. As I was leaving work yesterday, someone wished me merry christmas!

  3. Traffic wardens?

    They must have mellowed since forty years ago. There used to be a photograph on the web of a moment after the Bristol floods of 1968, I can now only find a text description:

    “On Friday 12th July a traffic warden, watched by disbelieving bus crews, put parking tickets on five double decker buses outside Bristol Hippodrome. The buses had been brought in from outside the city as emergency relief vehicles to supplement the City’s flood depleted fleet”.

  4. It would have been a different story if he had given you a ticket anyway – which happened to me once.

    Traffic wardens/cops/clampers aren’t real people. They’re bred in the lab of an evil genius somewhere. Either that or they fail the entrance aptitude test for Templemore.

  5. Well done Grandad. It’s probably something you can only do when the shop you need to go to is right in front of the dream parking spot.

    I too am one of those mythical, charmed and unspeakably lucky people who have managed to escape the ire – and ticketing – of parking inspectors.

    …..of course I had to shag them behind the bus shelter whilst my nephew videoed us, but it was well worth the effort….

  6. I try my best to avoid criticising all professions in case I wind up in them.

  7. Geri – For mentioning the ‘C’ word, you are to sit on the naughty step for a week.

    Charmed – You too.

    Ian – That is called devotion to duty. Sadly lacking these days.

    Kate – I read that 🙂 Nice one.

    Kath – Do you have any of those videos going spare?

    BBB – So that’s what you do for a living??

  8. Now why do I think that you would have come out only to find a ticket attached to your car if you hadn’t had Sandy along?

  9. I think I know what happened to most of your typical parking wardens. They all have immigrated to the USA and work for the TSA as airport screeners. While most people who work in security have an under developed sense of humor, some claim that it is surgically removed in training. the TSA compounds it with an extreme case of stupidity.

  10. Kirk M – You’re a terrible cynic. The fact that she had his nuts in her mouth had nothing to do with it.

    Jim – From what I have heard, they are all working in the KGB Homeland Security?

  11. Ohhh the airport security screeners are crazy now and not in a fun way…

    The meter maid here in our small down town is actually a real tall fellow. Which is great because you can see him coming from a mile away. This works well when I am illegally parked down by the library.

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