Getting Your Goat — 32 Comments

  1. As I said – normally I avoid that sort of thing like the plague too! Too much “I like blue flowers, the smell of rain – and of course, acrobatic midgets” for my liking.

    But it’s the irrational one’s that intrigued me about this, some inbuilt switch that
    puts you off something, that you (and nobody else for that matter!) understand.

  2. I’ll forgive you just this once. I liked it though. It appealed to the dark side of my nature [is there another side?].

  3. There shouldn’t be!

    Now the entertaining challenge for someone, can we get Victoria Beckham to poke Grandad with an Umbrella – that would at least solve one of your irritations!

  4. Hmmmm. Victoria Beckham with an umbrella sticking out her arse? That conjures up quite a nice picture?

  5. Good Grief! That’s all I need… two of you with that evil sense of humour! Oh well must dash – I’ve got a meme to do…….

  6. You ain’t seen nothing until he really gets started – I’m sure he was swapped in the hospital

  7. Kate – They all say that.

    E Mum – Heh! I’m feeling better already. 😈

    Kerryview – Who didn’t say that?

  8. I’m really feeling old. grandad, wtf is a meme. thought I had the old farts network sorted. obviously not

  9. Kerryview – A meme is a horrible thing where someone picks on you and challenges you to write about something. It is usually something woeful like “tell us eight things about yourself that you have never mentioned before”. You then have to pick on other poor suckers who have to do the same thing. Like a chain letter, only worse.

    Jim – You have her; you keep her. Hahaha!!

  10. so now I can impress the lads in the pub – instead of hoppin the ball I can start a meme. thnx grandad

  11. BB- Just try.

    Kerryview – Don’t tell me the lads in the pub know you’re at this game? Bloody hell! Have you no pride?

  12. oh Grandad – you know the score! jesus, me bloggin? lads in pub know sweet fa about it! holy god I’d never live it down – they’d have me down as bein in chat rooms and virtual women and all such things. of course I’m pretty sure one or two of them actually do do that. and paddypower betting of course. On second thought I’ll stick with hoppin balls.

  13. Baino – A little thing you put in a cocktail. Of all people, you should know that! *sigh*

    Kerryview – Very wise.

  14. I don’t know – quite keen on umbrellas having got married in the midst of the Great Floods of Gloucester last year!!

    Now if ever there was a day for umbrellas that was it!

  15. Thanks, Grandad. I tried this, and I wasn’t even tagged. Perhaps being irritated by things is a fact of life.

  16. Umbrellas are evil nasty spawn of hell. I have far too often been smacked by an escaping umbrella and had my eyes gouged out.

    I’ll stick with being rained upon and wet and soggy any day!

  17. Lottie – I know what I would do with them all [and their owners] but if I gave details, I’d have to remove this site…..

    Keiron – Umbrellas are feck all use in a flood. They don’t float very well and you can get more people into a boat. You’ll have to do it all over again.

  18. Brought to you by Big Ol Corp. Having trouble getting up your umbrella? try Viabrella. Order a 30 day supply for only 4 times the price of a week supply. Hurry quantities are limited. Brought to you by Big Ol Corp.

    Told you we would get even.

  19. Marlys – Are you a masochist or what? Voluntarily doing memes? Weird!

    Jim C – Useless! If that is supposed to be spam, then you’ll have to brush down on your spelling and grammar. Try again.

    Keiron – Why not? Anyway, once you are married, it’s too late for rescue…

  20. God I hate Baino so much right now (just come back from a walking in the pissing rain. AGAIN) x

  21. Ah feck you Grandad, just cos I implied you were a big girl’s blouse in the comments yesterday.

    *scuttles off all secretly thrilled because no-one has ever memed him before*

  22. It seems like every 1960’s movie or TV show has umbrellas in it. Even retro movies. Usually being carried by secret agents such as John Steed or Dangerman, psychopaths in Clockwork Orange or a “mod” girl carrying a clear one. I don’t know, I guess nostalgia lends me a certain fondness for them. Wasn’t there (in reality) some Bulgarian secret agent who killed some diplomat with a poisoned tip umbrella.

  23. E Mum – Ignore Baino [I do]… She only does it to try to annoy us. 😉

    TheChrisD – That is about the level of it. But if you ignore it, you burn in virtual hell.

    Andrew – Never memed before?? Hmmmm. *scribbles name in notebook to receive next 500 memes*

    TT – Zapping spies is une use for them, I suppose. At least they are rolled up at the time and unlikely to take my eyes out.

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