Mayo Echo keeps up with the times — 14 Comments

  1. This concept of “copyright fucking” intrigues me. It has also given me the idea of registering hundreds of drooling trademarks.

    Dammit, you’re making me think of things again.

  2. Emordino – If you could copyright fucking, just think of the royalties?! Sorry… Just made you think again. 🙁

  3. I love the google ad (not a spoof) which points to TripAdvisor:

    “County Mayo
    Get the Scoop from Travelers Who Know County Mayo!”

  4. Caro – Invariably Google advertise the opposite to whatever I’m writing about. Whenever I write a pro-pipe smoking piece, I get all the ‘Give up smoking’ ads! 🙂

    Thanks Roy. 😐

    The whole story is the stuff of a badly written comedy…..

  5. I couldn’t do it, I’m a married man after all. I told him he’d have better luck at Lough Lannagh. That’s the hot spot, I hear.

  6. The story is outrageous and the damage done by these lecherous reports is dreadful. The idea of a website being shut down is awful!

  7. Nick – I’m glad to hear it. Lough Lannagh? Where did you hear that?

    Walls – I am just hoping that at least one, if not all the car owners sue! It is gutter press at its worst.

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