The Fastest Postman in the East — 13 Comments

  1. Hah! 😆

    It’s not a once-off either. They have always been that efficient around here.

  2. They won’t even deliver parcels to us. We get a little slip of paper through the door telling us to collect stuff at the postal depot. B@stards! They make me get up extra early so I can pick up my own post before work!!!

  3. I think we have the most stoned postman in Ireland. I bought three DVDs one week. In different online shops. I got a ticket to say come up and collect package. I eventually made it up there and it was the three DVDs tied together with some string. If he had untied the string they would have fit through the letterbox one by one. But he must have put the string on himself, as they were from different shops.


  4. “Is that a record?”
    No! A record is a disc like object made of vinyl with a very small groove in it that starts on the outside of the disc and continues to the inside part of the disc. The groove in the disc contains information which can be rendered into sound by the use of an electro-mechanical device known as a turntable. This turntable is then connected to an ampilfication device to increase the sound level to such a point that the listening become pleasurable. To be able to enjoy the sound encoded on the record there must also be another, yet different, electro-mechanical device connected to the amplification device. These devices are called speakers.
    You see the turntable translates the vibrations of the small needle device that is placed in the groove of said record into electrical impluses then is amplified and these electrical impluses are then translated back into mechanical energy in the speakers thus creating sound.

  5. John B – They have to liven their lives up somehow?!

    Brianf – I understood all that bit except to the reference to ‘electro’? What has electricity to do with it? All you have to do is crank the handle on the side of the box. An what are ‘speakers’? Is that another modern word for the horn that the sound comes out of?

  6. Speed of delivery is all very fine, but does he own a black and white cat? Is he a really happy man? Is there a knock and ring before there are letters through your door?

    These are the hallmarks of a true postal professional!

  7. Amazing. I thought I was doing well when I mailed a card and it arrived 3 days later. Regular mail too, whereas Canada Post Express would have cost me $7 and still taken 2 days.

    Of course, the recipient was 1600 kms away. Which I suppose might make a difference.

  8. Maybe your postie has traded in his Honda 90 for a Harley! (Do Irish posties ride bikes?)

  9. Longman – I don’t know about the cat. I presume he doesn’t have one, as Sandy would have told me. And he has more sense than to wake me at that hour of the morning.

    Shannon – I don’t know how it works here, as we seem to have a much better postal service than they do in the cities – and we are in the wilds of the mountains. Very strange?

    Baino – A plain old green van. We don’t go in for the high tech stuff here.

  10. I’m pretty impressed with mine, right now. Yesterday afternoon at about 2pm, I was on the phone to our tech support team when it was identified that I need a new ActivCard. This morning it arrived with the post before 10am!

    I was astonished to say the least!

  11. There ya go, now, Karyn. Maybe they read my post and were shocked into reality?

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