How to host your own blog — 18 Comments

  1. I’d suggest getting rid of all the stuff in /dev as well – after all, surely a production server doesn’t need the development files any more?

  2. Granny mar – They can’t delete me. I’m paid for.

    Kae – Do you think so? I’ll try that. And also /etc. I don’t want accessories..

  3. Grandad…my hubby is French Canadian, (he is loathe to say so though sometimes) and his name is Michel. He has no E on the end…if that makes any difference.

    Have a good day my dear!

  4. Laurie – If you want to annoy my Michele, spell his name Michelle 😉 He claims it’s Italian.

    Roy – It’s easy enough. Just show it from the outset who’s the boss!!

  5. Niall – What about the HearRambles SysAdmin Whiskey Fund? You got your money. Do you really care what account it came out of?

  6. Niall – That’s a good point. But there again, you do have a fridge full of Ubuntu Linux in cans?

    And I am going to tell him how you spelled her name 😉

  7. Ubuntu Cola has the disadvantage of lacking the good auld alcomahall stuff 🙁

    I’m sure I’ve called him much worse over the course of the last week, so an extra l isn’t going to matter much!

  8. I looked up this VPS stuff at Blacknight and couldn’t understand any of it so I stuck with what I had. Maybe I should call up Michele again and ask him to change it. Or maybe not. Don’t know. This is all very hard.

  9. I wanted to phone Blacknight last night and call them a crowd of Ubuntus after they suspended my account for exceeding my bandwidth. Even though I did exceed my bandwidth.

  10. Bock – It’s simple.. I’ll copy your site onto my thingy and we’ll be suckin’ diesel. What’s bandwidth? You eating too many burgers?

    Brianf – I think he’s Irish all right. It’s hard to tell these days.

  11. This is all gobbledygook to me but I’m glad it’s sorted for you now 🙂

    (off topic but I wasn’t sure how to spell gobbledygook so I googled it and found an entire Wikipedia article on said word. I loves the interweb)

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