How to host your own blog — 18 Comments

  1. I’d suggest getting rid of all the stuff in /dev as well – after all, surely a production server doesn’t need the development files any more?

  2. Granny mar – They can’t delete me. I’m paid for.

    Kae – Do you think so? I’ll try that. And also /etc. I don’t want accessories..

  3. Grandad…my hubby is French Canadian, (he is loathe to say so though sometimes) and his name is Michel. He has no E on the end…if that makes any difference.

    Have a good day my dear!

  4. Laurie – If you want to annoy my Michele, spell his name Michelle 😉 He claims it’s Italian.

    Roy – It’s easy enough. Just show it from the outset who’s the boss!!

  5. Niall – What about the HearRambles SysAdmin Whiskey Fund? You got your money. Do you really care what account it came out of?

  6. But the BK admins have to put up with Michelle on a daily basis, that fund needs filling 🙂


  7. Niall – That’s a good point. But there again, you do have a fridge full of Ubuntu Linux in cans?

    And I am going to tell him how you spelled her name 😉

  8. Ubuntu Cola has the disadvantage of lacking the good auld alcomahall stuff 🙁

    I’m sure I’ve called him much worse over the course of the last week, so an extra l isn’t going to matter much!

  9. I looked up this VPS stuff at Blacknight and couldn’t understand any of it so I stuck with what I had. Maybe I should call up Michele again and ask him to change it. Or maybe not. Don’t know. This is all very hard.

  10. I wanted to phone Blacknight last night and call them a crowd of Ubuntus after they suspended my account for exceeding my bandwidth. Even though I did exceed my bandwidth.

  11. Bock – It’s simple.. I’ll copy your site onto my thingy and we’ll be suckin’ diesel. What’s bandwidth? You eating too many burgers?

    Brianf – I think he’s Irish all right. It’s hard to tell these days.

  12. This is all gobbledygook to me but I’m glad it’s sorted for you now 🙂

    (off topic but I wasn’t sure how to spell gobbledygook so I googled it and found an entire Wikipedia article on said word. I loves the interweb)

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