Every house in the country except mine — 10 Comments

  1. So if I accidentally sneeze that line of cocaine straight off the table onto the floor, does chemical spills cover it?

  2. Grandad,

    You would have had to phone Athlone anyway, it was the wrong sort of iodine.

    (I can never figure out the fascination with Sellafield, I asked someone and was told that it was the closest nuclear installation. “What about Wylfa?” I asked. They looked at me blankly).

    It is good to know that we will be prepared, unlike the town of Bray which could only muster one engine and four firemen when a warehouse caught fire last year.

  3. People also tend to be convinced that Sellafield is a ‘nuclear reactor’; in fact, the last reactor there was shut down some time ago.

    The iodine tablets were a bit of an oddity, anyway; they would normally be used to prepare for a nuclear ATTACK, not whatever incident people think might conceivably occur at Sellafield.

    We don’t have any iodine either, actually. Would gin do?

  4. I wish governments would spend the money on this junk mail on the prevention of accidents and the resources to deal with them. We get them as well and anti terrorist propaganda ‘be alert not afraid’ Sheesh . . .in the case of a nuclear strike won’t ‘duck and cover’ be enough? . . . .bugga!

  5. Grannymar – Did you get that out of the book?

    June – I think that is the most sensible advice yet!

    Nick – No. Toxic waste dump.

    Ian – The only reason I mentioned Sellafield is that the damned place keeps leaking liquids and gas. How many fires have they had there??
    And Bray was an appalling example of this country’s ability to cope with even a small emergency.

    Robert – I know it’s not a reactor – it’s a reprocessing plant. But they have more nuclear crap lying around there than anywhere else in England [and possibly Europe?].
    Gin will be fine, but I prefer whickey, if you have any?

    Baino – They are now wasting vast sums on an advertising campaign telling us that we must look after the environment!!!!

  6. I live within ten miles of the famous Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. For those of you under 30 go google March 29th 1979. Anyways the Irish gub’mint didn’t send me any iodine! I’m gonna’ call ol’ Bert about that oversite.

  7. Grandad,

    Why doesn’t someone ask what they would do in the event of a fire in Bray? This could be as cringeworthy as Joe Jacob and the iodine.

    (Three Mile Island prompted me to go and see the lovely Jane Fonda in The China Syndrome)

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