Hypocritic Oath — 9 Comments

  1. It’s embarrassing to have to ask!

    One evening last week, there were no matches in the vestry to light the candles for the Holy week service – I had to go down the church and ask if anyone had a cigarette lighter. Two ardent smokers looked at me and said did I really think that they would smoke in church? Finally, there was a lady who said she kept an emergency lighter in the glove pocket of her car.

  2. Neighbour – Actually, he was a bit annoyed with me. I forgot to bring his supply.

    Ian – Ardent smokers and they didn’t have matches? Though I admit, I always carry a spare lighter [and a rag for stuffing in petrol tank filler pipes].

  3. Strange sterilisation methods being used by the doctors in your part of the country …. why doesn’t he wash his hands like the rest of us? He trying to user a posher method?

    Is this a new HSE directive?

    Burn the MRSA to death? And you mean you are complicit in all this? You encouraged him? Shame …. shame … shame … Grandad leave those matches alone …. stop fanning the flames of contoversy … what next? Will you bring shame on Poor Mary Harney and her flock?

    Try the new ‘BIC safety lighter’ …… it’s less controversial.

  4. Hmm…This doc sounds a lot like my own. He tells me not to eat greasy, artery clogging food, yet I catch him at the local greasy spoon all the time. 🙂

  5. Paddy – Nothing to do with hygiene. It is well known that I grow the best stuff for miles around, and he couldn’t wait.

    JD – Maybe he is there handing out leaflets? 😉

  6. “[and a rag for stuffing in petrol tank filler pipes]”

    Ah, and it’s nice to know that tradition is being kept good and proper it is.

    Good on ya’, Grandad.

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