Where is Cavan? — 23 Comments

  1. Now draw another red line around 25 of those counties. That’s the part of Ireland we call Not-Dublin: the part of the country that doesn’t matter.

  2. Be fair, Bock. I think I have given him enough to learn for one day. There is only so much that a person of his education can take at a sitting. I don’t know how I’m going to break it to him that a) America isn’t part of Europe and b) that Bush isn’t his leader.

  3. Tralee? Ok, I’m in the white bit so I might be wrong/confused/misinformed… But I thought that corner down there was Kerry?

    Maybe the maps Bertie’s been using are of similar quality.

  4. Welcome Sharp Words!

    I hadn’t noticed that!! 😆 Well spotted.

    Never trust nuttin’ yiz’d find on d’Internet [as Bertie would say]

  5. I don’t know Harper’s voice, but I am sick of listening to Bertie spluttering away. He’s like a drunken father trying to make a speech at a wedding. Bush doesn’t splutter and stammer so much, though granted he speaks the same rubbish.

  6. Bock – I was going to make a crack about Gurrier Dub accents, but then I’d only be accused of being a snob!

  7. Grandad – I hope Bertie remembers to use your map the next time he has to go to Co. Kildare 😉

  8. *Groan*

    Why did I choose that map? I’d replace it but I couldn’t be bothered. And before anyone mentions it – Laois isn’t mentioned either. So there!

    At least someone is happy with my morning’s work. Thanks, Steph! 🙂

  9. Grandad: There’s nothing wrong with a traditional Dublin accent. In Bertie’s case. it’s the way he tries (and fails) to inject what he thinks are “posh” pronunciations. Listen to the way he says “area”.

  10. I completely agree, Bock. I have no problem with it at all. I would define his accent as Gurrier Dub simply because a) he’s a gurrier, and b) he’s from Dublin.

    In fact his accent drifts from ‘Ordinary Dublin’ to an attempt at ‘D4’. He’s trying to sound educated but his words done give de game away.

  11. Thank you for the pretty picture. Which of those houses is yours?

    I have a little widget on my blog sidebar that says “headrambles – 23 days ago”.


  12. Please get the map right because when I come over, I’ll get lost and then I’ll have to ask some old geezer for directions and we all know where that leads! Again, who voted for him? Nobody is owning up!

  13. Hi I’m new on this site but just had to say “well done” to everyone. I thought I was the only one wondering who elected this clown AGAIN……
    He has to go, anyone know how we can get rid.

  14. RhodesTer – What houses? Are you trying to confuse me again???? And that little yoke on your site is BROKEN, because I was there yesterday [or maybe the day before], and I went again just now but it still says 23 days.

    Baino – That is the whole idea, We don’t want tourists getting independent, otherwise they’d never get shot.
    I know I didn’t vote for him, or any of his party, this time, last time, or for that matter, ever……

    Kate – Hi and welcome. It’s always nice to see a new face.
    It baffles me how anyone could be so gullible as to elect that lot yet again. But I suppose people will say there is no alternative? Personally, I’d prefer no government at all!!!

  15. Granddad, OF COURSE I was trying to confuse you again.. it’s fun AND easy.

    My apologies.. that’s what I get for trusting technology over my elders. Thank you for visiting, please come again.

  16. Grandad,

    The depressing thing is that if there were an election in the morning, Bertie’s party would again sweep in. There is no credible alternative. Fine Gael haven’t yet got back to where they were in 1997. Biffo is just biding his time.

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