Jack's bladder — 12 Comments

  1. For a minute there I thought Jack Bauer was Grandad!

    Seriously now, has nobody told you that all old men plan their journeys so there are loos every 10 minutes?

  2. What happens when you spend an hour on the motorway without moving more than 100 yards? And Irish motorways don’t have loos.

  3. Even when he is in a helicopter flying over Los Angeles? Don’t the people underneath complain?

  4. Please he’s Jack Bauer. You’ve missed the point. He’s an android. Doesn’t need to eat, doesn’t need to pee, never gets blown up! Survives being hit by cars, jumping off buildings . . the bloke is indestructable. Tips for the incontinent . . .always have an empty jam jar handy. (With a lid of course) Works for toddler taming too!

  5. Jack wears incontinence pants like Billy Connolly’s! Also he barfs in the first few hours which is adequate enough liquid loss.

    As for Chloe? I think we all have a friend like Chloe in our lives at some point or other…

  6. M50 + Grandad = skip the morning coffee?

    Now you know why you should never go to sea without a baler/bucket 😉

  7. Grandad said “I wish I had Jack Bauer’s bladder”,,,
    are you taking the piss…

    I’m restricted from making comments on either Chinese prisons or Christian Brothers as the thought of either of them knocking on my door puts the fear of god into me…

  8. Jack Bauer is my hero. As far as I remember, in one series he was pronounced dead, but was back up fighting the Baddies a mere half hour later, without a scratch on him. Eat your heart out, Superman!!!

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