A Slight Degradation in Service — 13 Comments

  1. My cable TV /high speed internet company deluges me with offers to take on board their telephone service too. Not a chance ‘cos every time the service fails, which it frequently does, I wouldn’t be able to phone it in. I do, however, delight in giving the sales person this reason whenever they call me.

  2. Broadband….You have BROADBAND?

    They keep telling me NOBODY outside Dublin and Cork has broadband, to stop waiting for it…I’m still waiting for a TV signal!

    tt has a very good point. Our telephone company (you know who it is) responded to my complaint about frequent outages by blaming it on my phone. They MADE my phone…oh, clever. Sell folks a crap phone so when they complain about poor line quality, charge them a call-out service, then sell them ANOTHER phone. No thanks!

    I agree with you Grandad…many providers. And I change mine when I can, to use their ‘welcome-back’ offers before they nail me again.

    What a world.

  3. Fiber-optic cable to the desktop with 25Mb through-put and a four port router so the printers are on the network as well. Service has NEVER waned in the year I have had it.
    Verizon FiOS rocks!!!

  4. when you started talking about spam..I got to thinking of breakfast…fried spam and eggs …good stuff…The last time my service went down I deducted a percentage off of my payment which caused great consternation amongst those lovely cubicle dwellers…I eventually won the battle but the best part was all the time and paper those wonks wasted..I should have sycked greenpeace on em afterwards…

  5. Susan – Yes, I have broadband. I’d rather not go into how I got it though!

    SID – We are, indeed sad lonely people…

    Ian – You are even sadder. You were waiting for me to post? The defenestration would have occurred without warning. And it wouldn’t have been slight.

    Brianf – You shut up. Anyone can lay a bit of nylon fishing line around a room and call it fiber. And you gave a house full of guns. Of course they are going to keep you happy.

    Robert – I would like to try that, but they filch it straight out of my bank account. But don’t worry – I filch it straight back again. This laptop may be a bitch, but it’s great at hacking.

  6. Grandad,

    I was stuck here waiting to go off to a function with a prominent cleric and a government minister in attendance, neither of whom I had the slightest wish to talk to. The prospect of you breaking windows was much more interesting!

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