Today is one of those days — 12 Comments

  1. Maybe, for your own sanity, you should show her what a “bwoken” button really looks like. Hard learnt, never forgotten and all that. 🙂

  2. Andrew – I thought of that. She has changed tactic now. She is painting lovely pictures on the new wooden floor with indelible inks.

  3. Is it a Biblical book?

    I got one of those as a kid and you could make the Tower of Babel fall and make the people of Sodom and Gomorrah run from flames.

    The Bible has some surprisingly violent stuff in the Old Testament.

  4. Puppychild is very intelligent. I think you should show her the wonders of your Laptop. She might even solve some of your problems!

  5. Ok is there a wand that goes with it? It sounds “vewy” familiar, but if the wand was missing, it would of course be “bwoken!” Aren’t you a great Grandad!!

  6. I wish I could make comments that make you wet yourself Grandad, to have such powers over humans in general would greatly amuse me.

    I shall now wait for you to change your pants…

  7. Aww c’mon Gwandant . . .faerie songs are lovely . . .and stop blaming the kid for your incontinence. Could be worse, could be Sponge Bob or the Bear in the Big Blue House sprouting American verbage at you all day and pronouncing ‘zed’ as ‘zee’ . . .twinkle twinkle . . . yeh you’re right. Time for bed Zebidee.

  8. Grannymar – She has grown out of computers. Too boring.

    Deborah – No. No wand. Just a book. She has got a wand that makes strange noises, but I managed to sneak it into the dust-bin.

    Terence – Pants? Am I supposed to be wearing pants?

    Baino – You are a mind-reader. I just did another post. I will have your sympathies!

  9. “Terence – Pants? Am I supposed to be wearing pants?”

    Touché! Ha ha ha ha….

  10. Instant classic, along with Mo Chead Leabhair as Gaeilge … it never occured to them that we couldn’t read Irish when we were in Junior Infants.

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