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  1. Congrats! Grandad

    Am I surprised? Not one bit!

    Forget the shortlist – you’re simply the Best!

    Have a great night tomorrow – you could try wearing JUST a black tie 😀

  2. Great work Grandad and well deserved! I voted for you! 😉

    I was shortlisted for the Spider one, but methinks it’s just because they need more people to buy tickets! 😉 Unfortunately it’s well out of my budget!

  3. Thanks Sixty, Steph and Deborah 🙂

    I’m blushing now….

    Steph – you put the heart cross-wise in me.. The award ceremony is on the 15th, not tomorrow. Don’t do that to me.

    The tickets are steep all right. Presumably they expect all the attendees to be corporate people with deep pockets?

  4. 😳 Sorry! I don’t know why I thought it was on the 26th???

    Ah well, you could get some practice in by celebrating tomorrow as well!

  5. Congratulations Grandad!
    Will they be announcing the winner on the night then? Or is there more voting to do until? I am so oblivious to all the blog awards and things I have to say I am one of those that didn’t vote, but if I were to I’d have voted for you!
    Re. the goodbye thing, actually I think you did that heart cross-wise thing to a lot of people, with your ever so cleverly vague post.
    Ta, glad you keep writing.
    PS: These days I am obsessed with how old you might be. I keep trying to guess and no clue and of course I am not going to be asking or finding out anytime soon either!

  6. Congrats, why don’t you turn up in a robe with slippers and the cement mixer from next door. Tell them to f off, grab the award and leave.


    Dress up and be dignified.

    Seriously, kudos all round, for the entertainment provided you deserve it.

  7. I have a red t shirt with the slogan ” I MIGHT BE WRONG BUT I DOUBT IT” that goes well with a black tie…I could forward it by Canada Post Express Mail providing the awards ceremony is in 2010..

  8. Dude, you’ll totally win cuz those other blogs use a lot of really big words.

    You’re popular with us in the US, you know are edumacation is whack!

  9. Grandad,

    I trust that you will retain your artistic integrity and wear a woolly hat along with the black tie.

    This is the second time in my life that I have voted for a winning candidate (the first was for the Finnish orcs to win Eurovision last year)

  10. Steph – They said they were going to announce the shortlist today [26th], but they jumped the gun. They’re disqualified.

    Gaye – The voting is over. A judging panel now makes the final decision, and the result will be announced on the 15th. And why are you obsessed about my age?!! Today’s post might give a clue! 😉

    Thanks for the offer of the t-shirt, Robert. Sounds good to me. I’ll wear it over my pink lace skirt.

    Rhodester – Thanks for the review! It was very flattering. Don’t worry – I only got three visitors from it. [Take away curries = phone the Indian Curry place and they deliver…]

    Ian – The woolly hat is about to get its first wash. And thanks for lumping me in with the Finnish Orcs. I’m flattered?

    Krishna – Congratulations to you too 🙂

    Thanks everyone. This is all very surreal……

  11. Congratulations! I actually found your blog because I was voting for my daughter’s school website in those awards! Saw you in anther category and had a look, after reading your blog until my head hurt, I had a LOT to catch up on, I made a second vote in a different category to the school one, not saying where that vote went……….let’s just say I still visit every day.
    In my award you would get FIRST prize

  12. OMG I just looked at the other nominees and I am sorry if this is rude….you are so going to win. Your blog is so…….unique, and although their blogs are interesting your one is addictive reading.

  13. Ah, Natalie! You say the nicest things 😉

    In fairness to the other two, I am the odd one out. Every other nominee in every category is business related.

    I think they want me along as the floor show? The same way you invite a couple to a party because you just know they’ll get drunk and fight, and provide a bit of entertainment?

  14. NOTHING like a floor show, what does that say about all us loyal followers!!! Please pass on the name of the couple who get drunk and fight at the party….planning an evening and would be grateful…. ;).. too new to Ireland to have met any of those yet!

  15. Natalie – Herself and myself can be hired out for the night. We supply our own frying pans and baseball bats. All we require is copious amounts of free drink and a free taxi/ambulance home after.

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