Kilos of Craic — 12 Comments

  1. Be warned! – St. Vincent’s is renowned as a centre of Cráic excellence. But at least it serves semi-decent coffee to revive you afterwards!

  2. Thanks for the blurb, Grandad. 🙂

    And, I just found a new pet name for my art professor. 🙂 How does one properly pronounce Cráic?

  3. Steph – I am going in there in a consultative capacity. The Consultants are looking to me for advice. I am a man of many talents.

    JD – Crá is pronounced as in Crawl, so it’s sort of Crawik [without pronouncing the ‘w’]. Is that any help?
    If you have any problems, just call him “Arsehole”.

  4. Don’t believe them! It’s just a ploy to get you into the place. Once you go in there, you never come out. And whatever else you do, don’t venture near St. Monica’s (MRSA isolation unit) – it truly is the Cráic of the hospital!

  5. It’s all right, Steph. I’m going to the offices, not the wards. They have seen my attitude to Miss Piggy, and I am advising them on staging a coup against the HSE.

  6. Good luck! I’d tackle Prof Drumm any day but I wouldn’t fancy getting into a scrum with the other one! C’mon Ireland!

  7. I just re-listened to the episode and I might bet that you would win the motor-mouth award for this episode. The Pope doing a crossword on a commercial airliner!! Geez!
    Either way we are both good story tellers.

  8. Sorry, Daz. I was referring to Kilos of Craic. Not to be confused with The Jefferson Davis Podcast!

    That bit about the pope doing the crossword was a mistake. I was warming up, and hoped it would be edited out!

    Good story tellers = the ability to waffle, because no one else is saying anything.

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