Head Rambles Reborn — 18 Comments

  1. Grandad –

    LUV the new tagline!

    …masthead STILL isn’t militant enough: working on something for you even as we speak, but SWMBO is up my nose, the littlest one is spewing a country mile and eldest girl wants to go buy an elephant…

    it may be a while.

    Your Old Dad

    p.s. – semi-useful advice: ditch the green entirely and go with other shades of umber/blood/salmon/etc/etc/etc. I understand this may be heresy what with this being, esentially, an Irish blog, but even the transition line is a bit jarring.

    Go whole hog, I say.

  2. Excellent.

    I wonder what a first time visitor will think of as soon as they see the masthead?

  3. Call me an infidel but I liked the old pic. I wanted to put myself in that tranquil place. I’m with Doc, needs a bit of work on the colour . . .still a change is as good as a holiday (said someone who’s never had a holiday) 🙂

  4. hmmm the portrit of like 60 will likely cause the weak of constitution to quit the blog in favour of hurling their lunch into the porcelain throne

    but I am mad of sterner stuff

  5. I’m liking the new surroundings. Very tranquil colours, contrasted beautifully by the large machine gun and burning car up top. Reminds me of home!

  6. Head Rambles Reborn!

    Where is the ‘Born Again’ Grandad?

    Has he lost his voice?

    Has all the effort killed him off?

    When is the Wake?

  7. I was preoccupied yesterday, and didn’t have a chance to keep up with comments……

    So the general opinion seems to be favourable?

    I like the colours. They are, as Swiss says, very tranquil and reflect my peaceful nature. I don’t go for this modern luminous stuff with primary colours.

    The masthead is a representation of the contents of the blog – again tranquil, sane and contemplative.

    Baino – If you like, I will send you a copy of the old picture? You can blow it up enlarge it and hang it on your wall?

    Doc – You’re a bloodthirsty old git. While I am still proud to call you Dad, you must remember that Head Rambles is a peaceful retreat from this violent world.

    Grannymar – Head Rambles is a web site. It can’t become a born-again anything. I never said I was going to change.

    Sean – are you saying my handsome good looks will scare people?

  8. Grandad,

    I have not been able to get through for several days. WordPress would not allow me in.
    Looks OK now.

  9. Ah! Don’t blame my poor WordPress, Nancy. It does it’s best.

    At least you can have your daily dose of insanity now?

  10. I did it just for you, Daz. I knew it gave you headaches. If it’s any consolation, it gave me piles.

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