I'm older than I look and I'm younger than I feel — 17 Comments

  1. So true, I have the wisdom of a 50 year old and the giddiness of a schoolgirl. Must work because I have friends from 19 to 75 years of age. Mind you, I am typing this with surgeon’s gloves on because I am dying away the grey as I speak! (nobody said I have to ‘look’ old!) I will grow old gracefully but maybe a little disrespectfully. Nice post Grandad . . .Transformers rock OK!

  2. I think that is the one thing that young people don’t realise – the we are all young ‘up there’.

    It’s true what they say about youth being wasted on the young.

    I’m letting the hair go. My dad had a fantastic head of silver hair and he always looked so distinguished!

    Rock on, Dude!!

  3. I like that I am only 20, though TAT is unimpressed having gained a year somehow. You’re only as old as the woman you feel so they say… did mamo do the test?

  4. Did mamo do what test?

    And do you remember how I was 21 until you were in your teens, K8?


  5. “Here lies an old man ,who died at age thirty”

    You don’t, by any chance, have a portrait of yourself in the attic do you,Grandad?

  6. I have, now that you mention it. It was painted by some chap who’s name I’ve forgotten. Dorian something.

  7. V heartening! Glad I came across this.

    From someone who tends to panic about the passage of time.

  8. Hi Liz, and welcome. Think about it – when you are twenty you dread being thirty. When you get to thirty, you find it’s no big deal and you start to worry about forty instead! After a few decades, you realise you aren’t mentally getting much older anyway and you stop worrying altogether. So the sooner you stop worrying, the better…!

    Dave – Maybe I am dead? Maybe that’s why things are so good?

  9. God! That’s a relief! Thanks Dave. How did you know? And what are you doing in Luxembourg?

  10. But that would negate your previous comment. And that would be a paradox. So you can’t kill me. Nyaaah!

  11. Je ne regrette rien.

    Are you threatening a senior citizen with physical violence? What has the world come to. You should be ashamed, young man.

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