The Moody Blues — 10 Comments

  1. Moody Blues, lesser famous!?!????
    They were one of the premier, top name, top selling bands of the 60′ and 70’s. Well, here they were.

  2. Lesser famous than some of the groups around at the time.

    Everyone has heard of the Beatles, The Stones, The Who and the like…..

  3. Grandad,

    I guess you know it because you are a Moody Blues fan,but maybe your readers would be interested in the award the MB won .

    They won the Golden Ticket Award in the 70s for selling 100,000 tickets at Madison Square Garden.

    So I guess they are not as lesser famous as you think.

  4. Nancy,

    I think their sound might have been more popular on your side of the Atlantic than in Europe. Their sound was quite mellow, by the late 60s Europeans were into stuff with much more edge.

    I never figured out why blokes in armour would wear white satin as well.

  5. To impress the ladies,Ian?

    I seem to have stirred something by using the word ‘lesser’! It’s just that there were so many great groups around at that time.

    @Brianf – I was waiting for that!

  6. Since it was ‘Nights in White Satin’ rather than ‘Knights’, I don’t think they were wearing armour. The white satin was the bedsheets. Imagine laying in a bed of white satin sheets dreaming about a love affair just ended while a new love looms on the horizon. Justin wrote the song just after he met Marie, who later became his wife, and he was just getting over a love that had ended painfully.

  7. Thanks for that nugget Rose. Obviously a Moody Blues Fan!

    Maybe one of these days, I’ll get around to including it, though the series hasn’t really got off the ground yet.

  8. For the record…

    No one, I mean NO ONE sold more records than The Moody Blues from the release point of SEVENTH SOJOURN thru almost 6 months until Pink Floyds release of DARK SIDE OF A MOON lp…As for talent, their continued success and nightly touring still today speaks for itself…


  9. The Moody Blues were one of my great favourites. There were [are?] a brilliant band. I’m aware that they are still around.

    It’s amazing how many of the groups from those days are still around. Modern ‘groups’ come and go within weeks. It just shows the quality

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