Where's the cyanide? — 12 Comments

  1. There is nothing that I could possibly say that hasn’t already been said.

    Then again nothing surprises me anymore. Anything is possible here but sadly most people prefer the same old, same old.

  2. I think the Greens will shake up the Government. Personally for me the kick in the ghoulies is seeing the Pointless Democrats in power.

    I wanted to see them destroyed in the last election. No seats. McDoweel’s gone, but the PDs are still rolling. Ah well.

  3. It’s the death of the Greens. No one will ever trust them again.

    Mercs and perks proved too much.

  4. Stop whinging the lot of you!

    I told you last month ALL politicians were the same, crooks out for their own ends.

  5. I’ll whinge if I want to. It’s my democratic right.

    To be honest, My real problem is dodging them on the television. I can’t stand the sight of them!!

  6. Just having had a gander at the news and various sites and there is no news of either the Greens and FF in bed together yet.

    Bertie and Trevor Sargent have yet to meet apparently.

  7. Bless you Robert. You have given me a reprieve. Though I doubt it will be for long. Apparently Newstalk, or one of those was announcing it at lunchtime. Reckless amateurs.

    Knowing Bertie, he’ll probably kidnap Trevor’s bicycle or something and force a signature out of him. Or more bulging brown envelopes?

    No doubt, there will be a tribunal in ten years time investigating backhanders to the Greens….!!

  8. It is now official. They have agreed to enter government together but have not decided on ministerial positions.

    Congratulations to the green party. They are now the new PD’s and of course we all know what happened to them!

    I’m taking bets on a Green TD as minister for health. That’s a sure fire way to keep their presence and influence down.

  9. Bertie has stated all along that there is only going to be one minister for health – Mad Cow Harney.

    Another five years of deaths and mayhem in the health service……

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