One of life's little mysteries — 17 Comments

  1. Maybe that’s their problem?

    Our last kettle started to dribble, so I replaced it about a year ago. Everything was fine but now it has started to dribble too.

  2. You’ve lost me Dario? What has white shit to do with kettles? Do you do strange things with kettles in Cavan that I don’t know about?

    Conortje – I’d never be without one. I’m addicted to tea.

  3. What ever happened to putting a pot of water on the stove and heating it?
    Geez, electrical tea kettles. What’s next, horseless wagons? Maybe a steam powered aero machine?

  4. Cavan must be a hard water area. I think thats the white shit Dario is talking about – Limescale.

  5. Oh yes – limescale.

    It’s hard water that causes that. I know all about that [I think it’s the prostate playing up again].

  6. Damn you Robert! What I was going to say was:

    ‘Well, I was talking about limescale, but whatever you’re into … it is 2007 …’

    Now to impart my sparkling comedic genius to other people.

  7. the ones i get (shite from argos). only last a few years. then stops working. the same with the coffee machines. no hard water or anything. its all cheap rubbish from china designed from the ground up to break after a certain time

  8. I wouldn’t mind if they were cheap kettles but they aren’t. They are so called ‘top brands’. I don’t drop them or crack them or anything. They are looked after carefully and lovingly.

    But after a year or so, they just start to dribble.


  9. Nope. Plastic kettles. And the joints are all sound. They just start dribbling from the lip.

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