The dangers of passive drinking — 19 Comments

  1. Grandad you are so wise!

    While the drink might burn up your liver, the smoke will only make your lungs spongy.

  2. How about if everyone was forced to drink vodka all the time as that is supposed to be odourless?

  3. The danger is from the evaporating alcohol. This saturates the air, forcing everyone in the room to breath it, and absorb it through their skin.

    So vodka has to be banned too, I’m afraid.

  4. Getting pissed from the farts of barmen eh?

    “From the same clinical trials where they tested passive smoking and cosmetics.”
    -Passive cosmetics, eh? You mean I can sue my friend for the negative effects of inhaling her perfumes and face powders over the years? Excellent.

  5. Getting pissed from the farts of barmen eh?

    Jayzus! Whatever turns you on, I suppose.

    Did any one tell you, K8 that you are a very, very strange person?

  6. I like being strange. It’s working for me so far.

    In the words of Axl Rose (Guns ‘n Roses):
    “Better weird than dead”.

    There’s a saying some of us mothers have for when a girl goes drinking for the first time since giving birth. “Sure if the barman farted she’d be on her ear!”

  7. @Flirty – FFS, I have to keep trawling through my spam to find your responses! You keep ending up amongst the Tramadol, Car Exhausts, Viagara and Sexy Russian Women [you’re not Russian, are you?]

    Yes, you can get drunk on the cheap by drinking only water provided everyone else is langered. I have done it. Avoid buying rounds though. Avoid doing it too often as well, as you might end up a drunk, and living in the gutter.

    @K8 – You have a daughter that barks, and now you are telling me you go around sniffing barmen’s arses? That is a long way beyond weird. Next time you are over, I’ll give you my Shrink’s card. She is very good.

  8. Who carried out these tests? The University Of Shut Your Face?

    They carry out a lot of tests, it seems.

  9. @Grannymar – No family is as bad or as weird as mine.

    @Dario – You know the crowd.. They are always being quoted in washing powder and cosmetic ads. They are the same crowd who produced the statistics on passive smoking.

  10. Aren’t these the same, “scientists”, who are running around telling us that the sky is falling in the form of global warming?
    K8 also has a daughter who calls policemen, “Pigs”!

  11. What chance do I have as a smoking, drinking perfume wearer (it’s rhetorical!) I’d be in and out like a fiddler’s elbow. (Hey, that’s a good name for a pub!)

  12. Grandad,

    If some bo**ox comes out and proposes an actual drinking ban in pubs and functions, I will be forced to hunt you down. Tiddle or no Tiddle 🙂

  13. So you are happy to see smokers forced outside, but you object to drinkers facing the same sanctions?

    Drinkers pose a far greater hazard to society, and passive drinking is a greater problem.

    Yes. I do propose a ban on drinking in pubs, functions and hotels. Why should we, the public be forced to endure your disgusting second-hand alcohol? It is a foul and unhealthy habit.

    And Tiddles is getting hungry.

  14. Grandad,

    I wouldn’t be too worried about second hand drink fumes, I’d be more worried about what comes out of the other end after the human digestive system has done it’s best with it. And if you want to ban Alcohol because of the resultant fumes, you better start a campaign to close down every Thai, Indian and various other types of restaurant in the country 🙂


  15. Don’t be daft. Of course I don’t want to ban alcohol. I enjoy my pint of stout as well as the next man.

    I’m not a fascist. Not like that anti-smoking crowd. I’m very reasonable. I just want to ban drinking in enclosed spaces for the sake of my health.

  16. HAHAHAHA. First off, if you don’t want to be around people drinking, then leave. Secondly, I can understand the having a hangover without drinking being irritating, but jesus, lighten up. Finally, I think Ireland is going to be the VERY last place on earth that bans drinking in an enclosed space. If you feel victimized by this “crime” then you are a victim of stupidity. Best wishes…. James

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