Getting Offspring to Blog — 4 Comments

  1. Why not get her on board, that way you can keep tabs on who she is chatting to…..

    Thats the only reason my Elly suggested I start 😉

  2. So essentially none of you will talk to each other any more just blog away? The modern family!

  3. Ha ha. The last comment reminds me of when I once ran a website for our tennis club. One of our older members was in Australia on holidays with his wife. His grown up male kids back in Dublin were hard to get on the phone as always. But since his kids were also members of the tennis club he was able to regulatly see – via my website – that they were turning up to tennis matches and he even knew the results! It was a lot easier than finding them to talk to and at least he knew they were alive!

  4. it’s true. my family keeps in touch via our family blog–it’s a place to post news and trip photos and funny cuttings from the paper. some of them i haven’t actually spoken to in years…..

    works pretty well that way.

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