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  1. Those tests are on or some crap like that. They’re a load of rubbish. The test told me I have mathematical intelligence.

    Maths is my worst subject.

    I’m surprised they’re only becoming big news now; they’ve been around quite a while.

  2. Comment edited 😉

    Maybe maths isn’t your worst subject? Maybe you are just letting your mind wander during maths?

    Of course they are a load of rubbish, but they’re a bit of craic.

    I seriously would live to see results from Bertie and George W though. It would probably blow the web site!

  3. So I had to do it too… I also got linguistic! The options don’t give you much leeway though. I mean I love roller coasters but don’t like extreme sports, but they lumped them together with a T/F option… what would I choose? *SIGH* Grandad you should make your own quiz. “What world leader would you be?” I think you’d be a good authority on that one! 🙂

  4. Well these type of tests often do tend to be silly and very general in their results so they could apply to many. However the description attributed to yourself doesn’t sound too far from how you initially seem to me!

  5. @Deborah – I did one once as part of a competition. Mensa wrote to me and asked me to join. I refused because they wanted me to pay. Did they think I was stupid? 😉

    Of course these tests are fun only. I actually did a professional “Psychological Profile” a few years ago [long story there, but I won’t be telling it!]. At the time I was studying for three diplomas, aiming for two careers. The test took all afternoon and I had to return a week later for the results. I was given two careers that I would be ideally suited to. As chance would have it – the two I was going for!!!!! And I’m not going to say what they were, but neither was Journalism.

    @John – You do say the nicest things 😉

    but yu shud see wat i’m like with my spelcheker off……

  6. It would be frankly hilarious if Bertie ended up with an IQ of 140 – maximum possible on Tickle – and proving us all wrong about him!

    Either that, or he is the greatest actor of all time.

    I know you edited it – didn’t think you’d that kind of power – thanks. I hate typos.

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