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  1. I agree with you, the earth has been in warmer periods before, and it always seems to right itself regardless.

    However, there will be many who will disagree with you, and as I’m the first, I can guarantee you’ll get a lot of negative comments on this post.

    As I said though, I agree with you.

  2. I know I will get a lot of flack. I’m expecting it.

    When I started watching that program I was an eco-warrior. By the end, I was shocked.

    There was an army of illustrious scientists and experts, ant their proof was more than compelling.

    Every argument that was put to them, they shot down with ease. They showed test results, historical data and gave an impressive array of proof.

    Did you know that 1000 years ago, Greenland was a lot warmer than it is now? And it still retained its icecap!

  3. Good for you Grandad! I have been railing against the political correctness of global warming for quite awhile now. All those self proclaimed intellectuals fire back at me that whatever study I find they dig up somewhere in some scientist or writers past that they either were funded by Exxon/Mobil or outright worked for Exxon/Mobil or knew how to spell Exxon/Mobil thus making them mouthpieces for the dreaded oil industry and that, “of course”, makes any thing they say lies and misinformation.
    There have been so many prominant people, who have studied this for so long, coming out and saying that algore and the whole global warming frienzy is crap science that it is hard to deny the true facts as apposed to the half truths and lies of the, “sky is falling and it’s all our fault”, crowd.
    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  4. One of the main points made in the program was that not one of the scientists and experts had any connection with any industry, financial or otherwise.

    They even said they were open to private audit.

    They were speaking on behalf of pure science and logic. Their arguments were based on pure research.

  5. As an intellectual argument this is very hard to counter. The point made is very concise.

    Of course, I have to dismiss the argument, on the grounds that it is a physical impossibility.


  6. Grandad, I too completely agree with you. I have never believed in global warming. Yes, we need to treat the earth better, by recycling and what not, but global warming is basically alarmist politics used by the left-wing liberals as a ploy to get into office. You think Al Gore really gives a rats ass about the environment? And those Hollywood stars with their private jets all telling US we should reduce emissions! What a crock. Michael Crichton is a great source of knowledge on this subject. I highly recommend his book State of Fear, it’s fiction, but based on scientific papers and footnoted throughout. Very well done! Also his speeches on the subject are something to read!

  7. Ah ah ah! That Estonian or whatever crap ex-Soviet nation he/she comes from is entitled to their opinion!

    If they want you to do various physical impossiblilities, then you have to consider same.

    Personally Grandad, I have to say you showed admirable restraint in not reciprocating the gesture. Is that restraint a feature of a more wise mind?

  8. @Deborah – I confess, I was taken in by the meeja. I mean, how could so many people be wrong? But I always had a niggling doubt. That programme was a shocker and confirmed those doubts.

    We do need to cut down on energy expenditure. We do need to recycle. But these are logical anyway.

    But the climate change is as inevitable as taxes. Nothing can be done to stop it, unless we learn to control the Sun!!

    @Dario – Everyone is entitled to their opinions, no matter how illiterate. The only thing I don’t allow here is spam. And it is more satisfying to take the michael than to reciprocate. 😉

    One thing that does surprise me is that, apart from our illiterate friend, no-one has contradicted me!!

  9. Sean – I don’t know who you are, but thank you.

    You wish to remain anonymous, and under the present political climate [sorry – pun not intended] I can understand that. I respect that.

    I have put the link up in the main body of the post because it is too important to be missed.

  10. Hi again. This is the second blog I’ve seen about that programme. Sorry I missed it. The synopsis I’m hearing make sense to me. A lot of people don’t realise that the Sun is nearly a million miles in diameter (compared to a mere 8,000 miles Earth diameter) and it’s variations will clearly affect us a lot. I’ve huge respect for the Sun – and it deserves a longer and more elegant English name!

  11. Yippie! My flag came up as Irish. That’s cos I’m at home. At work it comes up British. So now you will be able to tell if I’m at work or play!

  12. John,

    You can see the documentary in full. See the red link on the main post. It is long [over an hour] but is compelling viewing. I hope you have broadband!!

    We have some great results with those flags! A few who I know are in Ireland come up as UK or US. It all depends on your connection!!

  13. Indeed. That link is good, it plays nice and smoothly, I looked at first 5 minutes. I’ll watch it in full when I’ve more time over next day or so.

    BTW I’ve added you to the highly privileged position of my blogroll (or is it bogroll). Arise Sir Grandad! You may need to sign documents.

  14. Glad it works! I hope to post salient points from it from time to time for the benefit of those without broadband [or who don’t have time].

    Thanks for the link. With regard to the paperwork, your people can get in touch with my people.

  15. Hmm…

    There’s a deep dark conspiracy amongst people who will come out with such strong statements after watching a TV documentary. If you watch enough TV, you will eventually be convinced of almost anything. It depends on the skill of the documentarian.

    I’m not arguing one way of the other on this issue, however I must point out that this is such a complicated scientific area, that coming down so vehemently on the “Natural Process” side of things due to a one hour special is not critical thinking.

    “Write what you know” works just as well in real life as it does in fiction.

  16. I completely agree that this is a complicated scientific area.

    I have studied the sciences, and have a critical mind. I am not making any conclusions of my own. However when an array of eminent specialists in their respective fields come forward with logical coherent arguments, that frankly hold a lot more weight that the current theories, then I have to take notice.

    These are experts in their fields. They logically provide reasoned explanations as to why global warming is not a man made event, but is in fact a natural variation in global temperature that has been going on for millennia, and that mankind has had no significant impact on this variation whatsoever.

    Have you seen the documentary?

  17. haven’t seen the documentary yet but I heard the “Scientific Advisor” being torn to shreads last week on NewsTalk. Turns out he wasn’t even a scientist.
    I’ll watch the programme before I comment on it but Grandad if there is another programme on Global warming tomorrow night with compelling arguments saying Global Warming is man made, will you be posting about it? My question is how easily influenced are you by TV? You mention the experts in their field being interviewed, i’m sure there are more experts who say global warming IS a man made event.

  18. I think of myself as a reasonably intelligent reasonably well educated person, and I like to keep an open mind on things.

    If a programme comes on and provides logical proof that global warming is man made, then of course I can be persuaded.

    What impressed me about the documentary, was not so much the qualifications of the speakers, as the logic of the arguments put forward.

    Just as one example – Dan Quayle started the whole thing by proving a statistical correlation between global temperature and CO2 levels. No argument.
    What he missed though was that the CO2 graph lagged behind the temperature graph.

    In other words, global warming is not caused by a rise in CO2 – it causes it.

  19. I have been slow to respond to this, as there is a lot of material involved.

    A summary of my reactions would be that, yes – the programme was a bit sensationalist. However, I feel that there were enough points made [by others] to raise serious doubts as to the validity of the current hysteria that is sweeping the world.

    One item that was mentioned in the above link was the Gulf Stream. We were told that this was in imminent danger of failure and that Europe would be plunged into a Siberian climate. This caused a lot of serious concern at the time. This has now been rebuffed.

    Another question I would like answered is what happened acid rain? A few years ago our screens were filled with images of denuded pine forests and the terrible damage CO2 was causing there. Suddenly, this has vanished. I haven’t heard the term “acid rain” for a long time now.

    My overall stance at the moment is – yes. We are producing too much pollution, and we should take much better care of our planet. It is, after all the only one we have. We should cut down drastically on the use of fossil fuels. We should stop denuding the Rain Forests. But there are simple practical reasons for these too.

    What I am concerned about is that there are still huge doubts as to the validity of the current hysteria about Global Warming. At present, we have the two political parties in the UK battling it out to see who can be the greener! We are getting hysterical. It is the big ‘hot potato’ of politics. I think it is a bandwaggon.

    And to end on a nicely depressing note – if [and I still say it is a huge ‘if’] they are right and mankind is the cause of it all, then panic reactions like banning the burning of garden waste is not going to have the blindest difference.

    The Earth is a gigantic machine. Its mechanisms move extremely slowly, but they carry an enormous momentum. It takes years, centuries, even millennia to affect change.

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