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  1. Oh dear god no! Don’t change. Don’t give into the horrible temptation to fragment and over exert yourself! Keep ’em both pointing to the same and then at least that way I won’t be confused 🙂 Keep them coming, they are fine the way they are..

  2. And while I’m in whinging form, why don’t you install subcribe to comments?

    Oh, I *might* have nominated you for some award or other. Memory fails me, but I remember being disheartened when I couldn’t see where to nominate ‘best senior blogger’…

  3. Wow! That’s a great idea Richard. You pay me €100 and I’ll post you all the comments I get. Or do you mean something else?
    And don’t worry about the memory thing. That comes to all of us in time. They rejected the idea of a “Best Senior Blogger” because they knew it would be a one horse race.

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