You can't beat the old fashioned ways — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Grandad, like the re-design of the site – and winter must be over as it’s stopped snowing! 😉

    One thing though, your blogroll used to appear on every page (if i remember correctly) but now it only appears on the main page….

  2. Hi Elly. Thank God someone likes it, after all the blood sweat and tears.

    No. That was dandruff. I gave my hair its monthly scrub under the garden tap yesterday, and that cured it.

    I noticed that about the front page being different. I’ll give Ron a ring [if he’s still talking to me] and see if anything can be done. It is very difficult finding a template that does all the things I want it to do without it doing things I don’t want it to do, if you follow me. 😕

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