Quitting smoking is bad for you — 6 Comments

  1. Hilarious. Gave up smoking in November and have now reached the happy stage. This though certainly brings back the bad times. Very funny… I love the bit about sitting in the pub on your own hearing the craic coming from the smokers outside!!

  2. Congratulations Pikasso, and commiserations Louis.

    I gave up myself once for about two years but Herself nagged me back into it – she said I didn’t look right without the pipe.

    I was guessing about hearing the craic outside the pub – I gave up the drink when the ban came in!!

  3. I had to read this to the wife, it just so true, i was going to go walk about and leave my life behind.. Reg Perrin came to mind at that time. 
    I did kick the habit, 15 months now and i have to say its the hardest thing ive ever experienced, especially the bit about becoming the overnight bore.. I felt a monks life was on the horizon.
    Add to that i put on 2 stone of pure fat and and was hit by more aches and pains than i thought possible its was a sh-t experience and one i wouldn’t repeat.
    Funnilly enough if i was told i had a terminal illness id start again tomorrow!! 

  4. True,I fuppin hate the smell even of people eating and it's boring ,BUT  I found I had forgotten about snuff,that's right SNUFF (nasal snuff) ,more nicotine and no cancer or respitory problems ,addiction? Yes but so what,I feel great  and I'm healthy.

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