People of the Year 2006 — 11 Comments

  1. And before I go I have to mention. Down at the bottom of this page are some google ads and one of them is for Joe Callanan TD ( – 2 things struck me 1) why would a politician advertise on google and 2) his words for the ad are “Planning applications and constituency services”.. Constituency services yes, planning applications ??? what does he do with regard to planning applications I wonder.

  2. And a Happy New Year to you too Alan.

    In answer to your questions…..
    Advertise on Google and get the international vote! Maybe he’ll advertise in the death notices too to get the dead vote?

    With regard to the planning applications, c’mon now! Don’t be so naive 😉 We all need to make a few extra shillings from time to time. Let me throw a few words at you – “Fianna Fail” “planning” “brown envelopes” “Moriarty” …… ?

  3. 🙂 Those days are behind us surely but seriously though, it’s a bit odd. There’s a story for The Star. They’d love something like that. “FF TD promises Googlers planning favours”

  4. Sorry, Michele. I forgot about you. You are now included on the list of award winners as one of my three readers.

    Isn’t it good to be amongst such illustrious company?

  5. Thank you Grandad for the true, honest and unbiased look at the country I left half a lifetime ago!

    Hope 2007 is a good one for you and yours.

  6. true, honest and unbiased” ???? Well, I suppose I try!

    Thank you Grannymar and a Happy New Year to you too.

    We’re not related by any chance [Grannymar and Grandad – it has a ring to it]?

  7. Thanks for the reminder of why Irelands such an entertaining country at times – I’d forgotten about a few of those stories till you reminded me! happy new year man

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