Get on yer bike, Bertie — 10 Comments

  1. Sorry. I wish I could.

    It was on the RTE News on Sunday. I had to replay it twice off the website because I couldn’t believe it myself. And had to replay it a third time because I had to recheck the figure.

  2. I will use it and think it is a good use of money. 40m is not a lot of money for something like this, although I doubt that it will come in on budget.

  3. You are, of course joking. €40 million is not a lot of money? What?

    Try arguing that with the old people who are freezing because of lack of fuel allowance, or young families who are barely scraping by from day to day. There are 40 million better ways of spending the money.

    Who wants a cycle path from Sandycove to Sutton anyway? Get the Dart!!

    Ah! You are kidding! Right? You had me going there..

  4. Gavin seems to be a little delusional… my son goes to school in a
    prefabricated building, and there is no secondary school in our area!

    Yet Bertie and co can find 40 million for a cycle path. This is insane.

  5. Welcome Michael!

    I think you’ll find that Gavin is being [slightly] tongue-in-cheek.

    We should make up stickers about this [and loads of other money wasters] and plaster them all over the election posters when the time comes 😉

  6. Use the dart? The substandard Dart service. We were subject to a heavy fine as a result of carbon emmisions. Cycling is an environmentally-friendly method of transport. If we reduced our emissions, thus evading such penalties and punishments, we could pump the “saved” money into such areas as Education and Health. Are you complaning that Government is actually doing SOMETHING for once? It IS better than nothing, contrary to popular opinion. It will be used.

  7. Hi Ruth! You’re going back in time a bit?

    All I am saying is that it should be a question of priorities. I think Health and Education should be the priorities. While I am all for cycling, I think, for example that the needs of the disabled are greater?

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