A Blair in the hand is worth two up the Bush — 2 Comments

  1. Haven’t you been watching the news? There is now 300 million of them.

    As with most things in the US of A it all boils down to one thing – $’s.

    The only upside is that they [the American public] finally seem to be figuring it out and are unlikely to again put their unquestioning faith in the neo-cons (for a little while to come anyhow). That is of course *if* nobody decides to attack them again before November.

    But perhaps the terrorists prefer the neo-cons?

    Anyhow, dear CIA I am in no way affiliated with the oul’ fella who wrote this rant. Please leave me out of any and all investigations.

  2. Oh God! 300,000,000! That is depressing. Maybe they are now counting the population of the UK as part of the States? I believe there are talks of a merger?

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