Voting for something is quite simple.

You are given two or more choices and if you so wish you can then select your choice on polling day and that's that.  Whoever has the most votes wins.  If you don't like the result then tough shit – that democracy for you.

Now for some reason the Brits are screaming that the Brexit result wasn't fair.  Why?  The young people are blaming the grannies and grandads for voting to leave.  Why?  Did the young people not vote when they had a chance?  Does the elderly vote somehow have less value?  They are screaming that the only reason that Brexit was carried was that people were stupid and didn't understand what it was all about.  So?  Do they want to step back a couple of centuries and only allow the vote to the landed gentry?

My theory is that the Remain crowd have been in the EU too long.  They have become accustomed to being ordered around from above.  They are used to their decisions being made for them by some faceless crowd in Brussels.  Now that they have been given the chance to make their own decisions they are scared shitless.  The older generations still remember the days of autonomy and relish the thought of going back to a time of self governance, while the younger crowd have learned to rely on Nanny to make their decisions for them.  It is a text book example of the Stockholm Syndrome.

I would love to see Ireland take the same steps but that won't happen.  Our politicians not only are spineless but lack anything in the testicular region.  They still act like the new boys in school who desperately want to be in the bully's gang and the whole concept of leaving is totally alien to them.  They have never stood up the EU mob even when it meant years of austerity for the Irish people.  Just look at the water and bin charges – the Irish don't want them and nor does the gubmint, but Brussels is demanding those charges so our sycophantic gubmint tries to bring 'em in rather than tell Brussels to go fuck itself.

Of course when the Nice and Lisbon Treaties were put to the Irish, we rejected them, but we were ordered to take the election again.  Now a million people in the UK want to rerun the referendum because they didn't like the result.

If there is one thing the EU has taught us it's that democracy has no meaning any more.

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The Brussels Syndrome — 15 Comments

  1. Yep, it's the old tactics of asking again until you get the result you work. I pray it won't happen here – and I'm an atheist!

  2. I wasn’t sure that a 4% margin was enough until I heard that Mr Cameron was falling on his sword, although I don’t think much of the delay – it smacks of putting Party before Country. Mr Osborne appears to have disappeared up his own fundamental.

    The carnage in the Labour party today completes the set, and makes it look as though Westminster has actually accepted the will of the people.

    I hope that the Great British Public realise that we have faced down the bully. Who’s going to take SW1 seriously if they demand another vote? If the EU insist on another referendum, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a more significant majority for leave.

    • From an outsiders point of view, the whole Westminster machine seems to be imploding. 

      One of my predictions – Brussels will come up with some kind of compromise deal on which they will demand a fresh referendum.  The deal will give all the appearances of some kind of "special relationship" with nominal independence but the UK will, to all intents and purposes, be still a member.  In other words – a rerun of Lisbon.

      • I'm no less an outsider to the Westminster machine than you! Unfortunately only the Party leaderships seem to be unraveling; I suspect that we could also use a seismic shift at the top of the Civil Service as well. Have you seen "Yes, (Prime) Minister"?

        If the EU does pretend to offer a "special relationship", I can't imagine that it will be believed or trusted. Mr Cameron is on record as saying there there will not be a second referendum, and Mr Junker is on record as saying that there will be no compromises. They were probably both lying, but if/when they start to wriggle now it's going to be thrown back at them in spades.

        I'll be a lot more comfortable when Article 50 has been invoked, though!

  3. Just a quickie because I'm off to the pub in 10 minutes:

    Breakdown of votes by age:

    18-24: L (leave) 27%, R (remain) 73%.

    25 -34: L 38%, R 62%.

    35….: 48%, 52%.

    45….: 56%, 44%.

    55…. 57%, 43%.

    65+: 60%, 40%.

    So, in the very important group, 35 – 64, if you add up the numbers, you get L 161, R 139. It is clearly totally untrue that it was 'old farts' who secured the majority for leave.

    Also, the petition for a rerun is a fraud. Someone had created a 'bot' whatever that is, which can create multiple votes using postcodes. 50,000 + from North Korea?

    Pub calls.


  4. This petition is a fraud another con-job like postal ballots in the UK. Its gone all around twitter with people sharing their postcodes so people outside the UK could vote. There are 50,000 signatures from the Vatican City [ Dope Francis was up all night] more from countries like North Korea.

  5. The European Union set a precedent for all future votes."If the first vote doesn't suit the agenda,cry and make threats then make you vote again"Laughed at all the remain losers,what a bunch of tossers.Would love to see Ireland out of the EUSSR.Bet our budget in Ireland will be interesting,now we will be contributing not recipient status.Didn't register for water and recycle everything, so no Bin charges.Vote Irexit and let's have a say in our own country.

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