So here was I thinking I was in for a nice relaxing day.

The first thing I did was to check if my little automated computery downloads had worked overnight.  They hadn't.  I forgot that I had changed the passwords on one of my sites, so the biggest one [it had to be the biggest one] had failed so I had to do it manually.  That was my Interweb connection booked for an age.

So there was I with a saturated Interweb connection and trying to see what was going on in the world.

Not much.

Then I get an email from a friend saying that his site had suddenly started advertising Viagra all over the place and was there any chance I could sort of lend a hand.  Who am I to refuse?

That meant a load of downloading and uploading through an already saturated connection.  Things were getting hairy to put it mildly.

I eventually found where the damage had been done and fixed it.  I also wrote a lovely mail to Google asking if they could kindly stop telling people that my friend's site wasn't a fucking dangerous site to visit. 

Also my gigantic download had finished at last.

OK, so I had found the damaged files, but now I had to find out how they were damaged.  More of my day gone up the spout.

I found the little problem [someone had left the toilet window open around the back and they got in that way] and fixed it.

I then sat back to start my day afresh.

Except that instead of being eleven of the clock it is now well after three, and not a child in the house washed.

I got chatting to another friend on line and mentioned my little woes.  "Ah" says he, "you're like a swan.  All calm on the surface but paddling like fuck under the water."  Or words to that effect.

So here I am, with my little wet legs all exhausted and realising that the day has entirely passed me by.

Would anyone mind if I set the time back by five hours?


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With the serenity of a swan — 3 Comments

    • Good point.  I wonder if my watch sets the standard for everyone else?  I set mine back by five hours and suddenly everyone discovers there's an extra five hours in the office today?  I'm sure they'd be pleased?

  1. What is the time on the Interweb? Does it operate on the basis of UTC or US time? If you are at UTC, you could imagine you are on the East Coast of the US.

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