Today seems to be one of those days.

Normally life here is quiet and peaceful.  Herself sleeps off last night's hangover, the dog attacks the odd stranger in the lane and I sit in my chair supping my tea and smoking my pipe.

Today however is determined to destroy my peaceful routine.

First of all the clocks changed last night.  That's fine for some things like the laptop and my mobile phone as they adjust themselves which is sort of clever.  Other things have to be done by hand such as the kitchen clock and the short-case in the living room.  I always forget at least one item that has to be reset, and usually it's the car clock [come to think of it, I don’t think I changed it last October so that’s one off the list].

I had to change the time on my new watch too.  That meant reading through about eight pages of the manual but I think I got it right in the end.  It only took me half an hour.

Incidentally, according to Amazon, my watch's journey is around 80% over so it should arrive soon.  I wonder what will happen when it arrives and discovers that it has been here all the time?

On top of that it's Easter.  Last night I went around the place hiding a few eggs for myself.  Do you think I can find any of them today?  Not a chance.  Haven't a clue.  I suppose I'll discover them over the course of the Summer.  Does anyone know how long they last at room temperature?

And then to cap it all, it's the 1916 thingy.  Now that might sound like cause for celebration for some but when they rabbit on about it incessantly it gets a bit tedious.  They have turned the country into one gigantic 1916 theme park and we are all expected to "participate" [which basically means stand and watch].  I'm tired already of seeing President Bilbo Baggins strut his stuff between lines of soldiers and if anyone reads the Proclamation at me once more I'll fucking scream.

I'm not denigrating the centenary thing – 1916 was indeed a major turning point in history – but they have gone just a tad over the top.  Ironically they are celebrating the wrong day too.  The rising actually happened on Easter Monday which in 1916 was on April the 24th.  Or maybe they are going to rerun the entire thing next month as well?  It wouldn't surprise me.

What saddens me is that a bunch of lads went out and died in the cause of Irish Independence.  They laid down their lives to cast off the yoke of British rule and less than a hundred years later the cunts in power hand our independence back over to the EU.  Somehow the irony seems to escape them.  We celebrate our independence under the rule of a foreign unelected power?

Leastwise there will be no radio, television or newspapers for me today.  I have had enough.  I'm certainly not going to travel up to Dublin to see the "festivities", not with Guinness at around €9 or €10 a pint [the publicans are really making hay while they can, fair play to ’em].

I shall spend the day quietly searching for those damned eggs. 

Or maybe I'll just go to bed.

It's nighttime already according to my watch.


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Easter Late Rising — 12 Comments

  1. One does have to wonder how Mick O'Taig who, before his balls had dropped, cycled from County Fuil Sróine all the way to 'Lin to fight for the freedom of his country might have felt when confronted by a Public Healther (Staffel Eirean): [translated out of the Bogtrotter] "Sooo what you're saying young fella-me-lad is that my pipe is more dangerous to my health than the brit bullet they dug out of my lung, civil war grenade shrapnel in my back or the fumes from the peat fire in this here TRADITIONAL IRISH pub? "

  2. I was born on Good Friday and my birthday falls on Easter Sunday this year. I'm sure this means something but I'll be damned if I know what it is.

    And I really like that video of Pádraig Pearse turning in his grave. One of the reasons I prefer to be cremated and the ashes dumped in the ocean. I've suffered from jumpy legs all my life so I don't need to be flipping around in my grave all the after life simply because people keep doing stupid things.

    • Happy Birthday KirkM!  So you were born on the Friday before the first Sunday after the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox.  There has to be a significance to that.  Does the number 666 feature anywhere at all?

      That's an interesting point about graves and Restless Legs.  I would tend to avoid cremation though as heat always makes them worse.  Maybe burial at sea?

      • Well, thanks for the birthday wishes and all. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm old yet. And it's not 666 that's involved but 999 (really, it showed up on my toolbox long ago). Seems I can't get anything right.

        I don't know if cremation is actually a cure for restless legs or not. I mean, how would you know which bits of ash were your legs? Perhaps I could talk the US Naval Submarine Force to haul my nasty old corpse aboard one of their new Virginia class fast attack boats and shoot me out a torpedo tube?

  3. And those of us who want the same thing for the UK – freedom from the EU – are regarded as xenophobes.

    I love Ireland – wonderful place despite the rain. I'm currently working on an irregular basis for Translink, so I'm out in the north a fair bit these days. The south is a motorcyclist's paradise.

    • For some reason that I cannot fathom, apparently the Irish are amongst the top pro-EU in the EU.  Having been brow-beaten into a couple of decisions I find that somewhat strange?

      Next time you're Down South, give me a call and I'll let you buy me a pint.

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