I was going to write about the Leaders Debate, but it would bore everyone, most of all myself.

For those of you in foreign climes, we have a General Election next week and last night there was a seven way debate on television.

The only thing of interest in the whole programme was Claire Byrne who can come and talk politics with me anytime

I suppose I should in theory be interested in the election but to be honest, I don't give a flying fuck.  Nothing is going to change.  They don't give a shit about me, so why on earth should I give a shit about them?

The only line in the whole debate that struck a chord was Gerry Adams stating that the Irish should be citizens, not subjects.  While I don't hold any regard for him and his party, he was spot on with that line.  Whoever gets into power is going to treat me like an idiot, tax me to the hilt and will just kiss arse in Brussels, because they are when all is said and done they are the ones who are ruling this country.

The problem is that we aren't citizens any more.  In theory we elect politicians to do a job for us, and as such they are our employees and subject to us.  It has never been thus.  We elect them and we then become their subjects to bow and scrape and tug the forelock and pay them massive salaries and pensions.  In latter years it has gone to hell altogether as now all we elect are ambassadors to the Court of Brussels. 

I have gone beyond disillusionment into total and complete disinterest.  People say I have a duty to vote.  They even say that people have died to give me the vote and I am morally obliged to do so.


Indeed, I do have the right to vote and I shall exercise my democratic right and not do so.  Why should I?  Even in the incredibly unlikely even that my one vote would make a difference, it would just be between one set of arseholes and another.  And even then it wouldn't affect my ultimate rulers in the EU so it makes no difference whatsoever.  In fact by voting, I am playing into their illusion that I have a choice.

So I am casting my vote for Claire Byrne. 

I have just sent her a photograph of my manifesto.

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Citizens not Subjects — 11 Comments

  1. Seo e mo straitéis vótáil pearsanta don olltoghachain:

    1. independent

    2. independent

    3. independent

    4. independent

    5. monster raving loony party. 

    6. no further preferences

    It is also part of my personal voting strategy to listen to Lyric FM radio during all party political broadcasts.

    Grandad, would you do us all a good turn by listing ten creative things we voters could do during the remainder of this election campaign, which I hope will result in a hung parliament. Let them swing together, not separately, I say.

    • There are many things I could recommend such as stoning politicians or throwing dog shit at posters but my single biggest recommendation is to just take a ten-day cruise somewhere warm.

  2. Hey Rickie Dickie Doubleday!

    Dioclese has a message for you –

    Hey Rickie – Are you the same Dickie Doubleday that lives at Acrefield, Church Road Upton Norwich NR13 6AJ with a wife called Barbara?

    Just curious…

    I'll pass on your answer.


  3. i noticed that everyone of the seven were placed left to right as they act. renua on the far right PBP on the far left and labour to the right of fine gael.

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