Some people are very inconsiderate.

In fact a lot of people fall into that category.  They insist on being born in this No Man's Land between Christmas and the New Year.  Just when you're smashed after forking out for lavish Christmas presents, along they come and demand more.

I have a couple of friends with birthdays in this slot.  I had an aunt who was born on Christmas Day and my father was born on the 27th [he would have been 113 this year].

Now there is another one inconveniently added to the list.

Darling daughter, with the heights of inconsideration only she can achieve, produced our Squidge on this day last year.  So now there is another No Man's Land birthday in the family.  I'm not saying she did this deliberately, but there again she may have been planning to try for "The First Newborn of the New Year" slot just to get herself on the television news.  I wouldn't put it past her.  If so, she missed by a couple of days which is par for the course in this family.

Anyhows, I have to go out shortly to deliver yet another present.  I suppose I don't begrudge it as Squidge is a cute kid.  She has a rather unnerving habit of just sitting there staring at me with an expression of blank amazement.  Has she never seen a beard before?

At least the daughter is doing a great job of introducing her to her future domestic duties.

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Introducing Squidge — 10 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday Squidge! You obviously find washing machines more entertaining than television. Your keen attention to the programme dial just above your reach indicates that you may study engineering some day.

  2. Come off it, old fellah.     

    My No2 daughter born on 19 Dec

    My No1 son on the 24 Dec

    My Dad on 24 Dec

    My older sister 1 Jan

    Me ?   The 27 Dec.   Just a little younger than your Dad; I was 79 last Sunday.

    I blame the Spring weather {;o)}

    (Also, my other sister 28 Nov; One grandson 29 Nov, his brother 8 Dec; My Mum 25 Jan and my No1 daughter 28 Jan)


  3. Cute kid. I enjoyed when my kids were at that age, but by God I'm glad I don't have to deal with it anymore! 🙂 Being a grandfather is so much better. You can hand them back to mum when they get too boisterous! I also don't miss the major logistical exercise involved in just driving to the supermarket.

    Pushchair? Check. Nappies? Check. Wet wipes? Check. Bottle? Check. Spare set of clothes? Check. Rattle? Check. Rusks? Check. Tissues? Check. Plastic disposal bags? Check. Baby talc? Check. Etc etc etc. It's akin to a major military exercise.

    • Being a grandparent is like being parent only there's an on/off switch.  Even the site of you little list above is enough to bring me out in a sweat.

      And then they grow a bit and it's all clothes and school and "have you done you homework?" and demands for this that and everything else "because my friend has one".

      Yes.  It's nice being a grandparent.

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