Another bloody appointment.

More fighting with traffic on the M11.

More endless circles around a car park looking for a space.

More getting lost in the corridors of health.

More waiting, waiting, waiting.


Talk amongst yourselves.

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Interlude — 9 Comments

  1. RECORD PLAYER NEW STYLUS Can any Irish reader suggest a shop where I might buy a new needle for an old record player? I still have a collection of vinyl LPs from my youthful early 1970s.

      • I'm a bit old-fashioned Grandad, and prefer to go shopping in shops. I am looking for a shop in Dublin that sells record player needles or styluses. Can any hi-fi fans help?

        • As far as I remember [it was a long time ago] I used to get my styluses in Golden Disks.  They are still around surprisingly bit I don't know if they do bits and bobs these days.

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