We have been having some weather here this Summer.

Personally I think it has been pretty much normal weather for mid October, but then this is August so maybe people do have a right to moan?

The weather forecasts have been constant reruns for the last while – showers or heavier spells of rain and temperatures normal or below.  Sometimes they get confused and announce showers with heavier spells of rain in between the showers.  We had storms last night and Galway was flooded, but then Galway always seems to get flooded [maybe they should move the city up the hill a bit?].  We have had some hail and a drop of frost one night so it hardly what I would call good camping weather.

Today's winds

Today's winds.

We were watching the forecast the other evening when Herself suddenly exploded.  "Will that bitch ever stop going on about rain and showers" she said.  "Why can't she give us a decent forecast just once?  That's not asking too much?"

I pointed out that the weather dictates the forecast and not the woman on the telly.  The poor girl was only telling us what she thought the weather was going to do and had little influence on events herself.

"I don't care.  She should tell us we're going to have a heatwave tomorrow and at least we'll be happy until tomorrow morning when it pisses out of the heavens again.  And do you notice how often she announces that rain will be spreading from the west?  It's always rain spreading from the west or the south west."

I had indeed noticed that.  Maybe it has something to do with the prevailing winds being from the south west?

"I think they should get rid of the west altogether" she announced.  "Then rain will have nowhere to come from and we might have some decent weather again."

I pointed out that if they got rid of the west we would have nowhere to go on our holidays.

"I hadn't thought of that" she replied.  "But then we only go on holidays for a week or two and have to spend the other fifty weeks of the year getting soaked in the rain those fuckers in the west keep sending us."

It's hard to argue against female logic?

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Out of the west — 5 Comments

  1. As a fellow chap-ess (if you’ll excuse the contradiction in terms), Mrs Gramps’s comments make perfect sense to me.  Can’t see what your problem is, to be honest, Gramps.  Must be a “chap” thing, I guess …

    • Of course she makes perfect sense [well, I have to say that anyway, don't I?].  I have no problems with her logic.

      Anyone out there want to buy the West of Ireland?  Going cheap?  A bit damp and windy?  New owner must collect though………

  2. I think we're sending the weather we've been having over the last 3 months your way. Now If I can only find the "off" switch. Let's see now….

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