I have been doing some weeding.

Not, I hasten to add in the garden, as it's pissing rain once more and it feels more like October out there.

I have been weeding my links page.

The page takes a tiny bit of patience, as it just displays a list of links in a random order.  If however you hang on for a second or two, it sorts all the links showing their latest posts and when it was posted.  I decided to weed out those links that hadn't been updated in a year or more.

It's a sad job to see a load of old sites that I knew and loved disappearing into a black hole but then that's the way of things.  Some I know have ceased publishing but I have left them there [how could anyone delete Captain Ranty?].

In all I deleted 52 sites, which leaves me with just 35 active ones.  Damn but that's sad!

However, they say that every cloud has a silver lining [though I don’t think that applies to grey skies in August].  I did a wee search to see if there were any sites linking here that I didn't know about, and bugger me but there were.

Now I have to visit 'em all and see if they are up to date, and also read 'em all.

That should take a while?

Then I will add them to my page.


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Lose some, win some — 8 Comments

  1. I just checked it and it appears my last post was 42 days ago. Damn, I'm slacking. The again, I've been a bit preoccupied of late. I could write a post about that but I won't.

    • Likewise, Carol.

      He's still on my Twitter list, still in my bookmarked blogs and still in my mind.

      Damn, I even pop back to his site sometimes, in the vain hope that it was all a horrible mistake, and he's posted something new…

      • Glad to know that there are at least two other people who feel like me.

        Dammit, I still haven't deleted my sister's email address and she died four years ago!

        • The Captain shall always stay on my list, just as his email address will never be deleted.  The Captain shall live on!

  2. I think blogging was a great popular and independent movement a decade ago, then the hacks got in on the act, pretending the commercial stuff they wrote for their paymasters was blogging – some professional journalists now describe themselves as "bloggers", all it means is that the stuff they one wrote for newsprint now appears on a website. Google searches that might once have found free thought now produce pages of links to newspapers and media outlets.

    • I couldn't agree more.  The whole scene seems to have lost its edge here in Ireland, with the news outlets pushing in from one side and the "fluffy" bloggers on the other [those who write about fashion, cookery and hairdos – the Pink Brigade].  There are very few of the old school left here, sadly.

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