Interesting times, indeed.

I note that four opinion polls in Greece all agreed that the outcome would be tight at around the 51-49 mark.  It was quite remarkable that all four came up with the same figures and all were unanimously wrong?  Could this be another piece of failed propaganda [failed because they weren’t published until after the vote]?  God knows, Brussels was doing its damndest to instill fear in the electorate with their stories of bankruptcy, dry ATMs and the sky generally falling in.

But the propaganda failed.  The Greeks turned out and gave a massive Fuck Off vote to Brussels which I'm sure wasn't part of the EU plan.

So were to next?

Brussels only has one chapter in its manual on how to deal with the serf states and that is Austerity.  Greece however has a series of options, and none of those will accept austerity, or at least not at the level demanded by Brussels. 

Brussels can relax their demands, but where will that leave those countries who have already been through the treadmill?  Won't Ireland, Spain, Italy and Portugal then demand some relief?  That's not on.

They can apply some debt forgiveness, but again the other countries will demand the same.  That's out.

They can stick to their guns and tell Greece to take it or leave it, in which case Greece will probably leave it, go their own way and possibly get financing from Russia.  That is probably the ultimate nightmare scenario and Brussels will do everything they can to avoid that.

Which ever way things pan out, Europe has been dealt a serious blow.  Their nice little idea of a Fourth Reich is falling apart at the seams, and if nothing else The Greeks have demonstrated that it is indeed quite easy to tell the EU to go fuck itself.  The EU is a little like a windscreen – a small chip in a smooth surface destroys the integrity of the glass and leaves the windscreen liable to shatter at any moment.  If the Greeks can stand up to them, then who is next?  If Greece can leave the Euro, why can't others?

Of course another result of the referendum is that it shows the Irish mob in their true light.  They told us that we couldn't possibly argue with The Boss.  We had to take it and grit our teeth because there was no other way.  We had to let the Troika dictate our finances because they were Almighty God and we had no say in the matter.  We had to take all those extra taxes and water charges because the Troika said so.  We couldn't possibly have said no.

It turns out we could have.

Arse-licking spineless fucking traitors!

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Teaching our politicians a lesson — 7 Comments

  1. What's this? The Irish politicians are craven cowards who should've told the EU to shove it up their hairy pipes. The fact that they rolled over, spread they arses and demanded a damned good seeing to tells me more. Collins would be spinning so fast in his grave that he'd generate enough electricity to wipe out the EU-imposed water tax. Trust me, that's just going to go up and up and up. Oh, and not lets forget this crap about diesel. Grrr.

    • It is somewhat ironic that next year sees the hundredth anniversary of Ireland's independence?  It didn't last very long thanks to the mob in power here/

  2. Meanwhile, here in Greece, life goes on.

    I must admit I was surprised at the result – I thought that the 'yes' vote would scrape a victory. Now we wait to see if Tsipras goes back to the EU, bends over and spreads his cheeks. He's got rid of Varoufakis, who was a major thorn in the side of the technocrats in the north, which doesn't bode well.

    We are very much in a state of flux.

    • I think everyone was surprised.  Watching the news channels the consensus is that Grexit [horrible word] is looking more and more likely.  I trust you have some Krugerands stashed?

  3. Dear Grandad

    The EU is a scam, an organised crime syndicate the purpose of which is to enslave various peoples of Europe to a fraudulent state.

    Like the pigs in Orwell's <i>Animal Farm</i> they just keep re-writing their rules to counter anything  which stands in their way:

    The Greeks will not be allowed to do anything other than become an object lesson to all other EU member states not to mess with the EU.

    'If it's a Yes we will say "on we go", and if it's a No we will say "we continue".'
    (Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Council)

    “They must go on voting until they get it right.”
    (Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission)

    More examples may be found on the right hand bank of the Hot Frog's pond:

    There are probably people in place in the UK primed to start the final destruction of the United Kingdom and especially England when so ordered by their EU masters.

    Ho hum. Interesting times.


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