I find myself with a moment to spare.

Herself has vanished [nothing unusual there – she has a habit of doing that] and for the first time it is a tad damp outside.

I found myself a gaff that has free Interweb so I thought it would be a chance to catch up on my spam, offers of Russian love matches and warnings from banks I don't belong to that my account is about to be closed.

Having cleared down about two hundred mails [and deleted ’em all] and checked to make sure my bank account is not too overdrawn [thought doubtless Herself is doing her damndest to rectify that as I type] I thought I would prattle up a few words.

I am at present ensconced in Café Cois Cuan on the way into Schull.  A grand wee spot [they like dogs and keep topping up my coffee whether I want it or not] and as I mentioned – they have free Interweb.

I would invite you all to drop in and buy me fresh coffee or cake [they do fucking lovely food here], but there isn't really much point as by the time you read this, I'll be long gone again. 

Not much to report here.  Sunshine [except today], walks, reading, pints, and generally doing nothing to pass the time.  Not giving the Interweb much thought.

Keep talking amongst yourselves, and I might be back in action in a week or so.

Herself still hasn't made an appearance [ominous?].

Time for another coffee.


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A voice from the wilderness — 6 Comments

  1. You're obviously distraught with Herself's absence.Don't worry I'm sure she'll return soon loaded down with her purchases.

  2. Nice view. And I see they've got porridge on the menu. "Served hot with Homemade Fruit Compote, Pouring Cream, and Demerara Sugar". At school. it was served boiling hot and lumpy, and you had to cool it with canals of milk carved in it, and sweeten with white sugar. No cream or demerara sugar for us. WTF's "compote"? 

    • Heh! Thanks for linking to them Frank! I meant to at the time but forgot and it’s almost impossible to edit on this damned phone. Apparently compote means preserved in syrup. It’s a new one on me too.

  3. Be a bit careful, Grandad.  Last time we were away our B&B also had free Interwebby-wotsit, which we used to find local things to do.  The only thing was, as the Interwebby-wotsit was clearly also made available for visiting children (of whom there were few, thankfully) – or maybe for the owner’s own kids – our laptop came back loaded to the gunnels with all sorts of automatic, free-to-download, daft kiddie games that we couldn’t get rid of when we got home, no matter how hard we tried.  In the end we had to reset the machine to a date before we’d gone away.  Luckily we don’t store anything on the laptop, so nothing of value was lost, but it was a real pain!

    • I was only on for a few minutes (better things to be doing) and only went into a couple of familiar sites. Linux tends to treat malware with contempt anyway. The worst that could happen is some kind of addon for Firefox which would be easy to shift.

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