I am really seriously pissed off with this referendum crap.

Everywhere you look there is someone fighting over it, defacing each other's posters and whinging that the meeja are favoring one side or another.  As is usual with any referendum regarding sex, babies or marriage the arguments have descended into complete farce.  The NO side in particular have come up with some weird concepts – that women will somehow be forced into surrogacy to provide babies for gay couples and possibly the strangest yet – that straight men and women will be allowed marry.  What the fuck?  Why would a heterosexual bloke want to marry another heterosexual bloke?  And what difference would it make if they did?  What difference would it make to society if I decided to marry my garden pond?  Or the wheelbarrow?  Or even myself?

There is another referendum on the same day but everyone seems to have forgotten that one.  It doesn't involve sex, babies or marriage so there is complete indifference.  This is the one where the eligibility age for the presidency is lowered from 35 to 21.

I confess I do have some reservations about this one.  Do we really want someone who is barely out of nappies representing us on the world stage?

What concerns me here is that I know damn well that if this one is carried we are going to be inundated with demands that some member of some fucking boy-band is put forward as a candidate.  That in itself wouldn't be too bad but there are enough brain-dead idiots in this country to actually elect him. 

The other thing that concerns me is why the subject has come up at all.  This country is in a steaming mess as a direct result of it being screwed up by corrupt, incompetent politicians and a system that is utterly failing to serve the people, yet they are worrying how old  a person should be to be elected to an irrelevant job?  It's like fighting over what colour to paint the railings on the Titanic after it struck the iceberg.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  I won't be voting.  I refuse to play their silly games and anyway I am not gay, nor to I wish to be the president so the whole farce is irrelevant to me.  Anyway my vote isn't going to make the blindest difference, though I do promise that if the result is a dead heat where one vote will make a difference, I will then proffer my casting vote.  I think that's fair?

Though there are times when I see something that really makes me want to go out and tick the NO box……

Politicians voting yes

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Voting for indifference — 6 Comments

  1. Certain celebrities like Gabriel Byrne, Bono and Daniel O'Donnell have endorsed a Yes vote in the marriage referendum. Certain other celebs like Dana, Bruce Arnold, John Waters and a football star whose name eludes me have endorsed a No vote in same. Now I "have issues with" the artistic leanings and achievements and general demeanour of some of these people. I don't want to seem to be supporting them if I vote in a certain way. So I have a good mind to thwart them all by spoiling my vote. I find myself in a great dilemma. What should I do? Should I phone the Joe Duffy radio show and "talk to Joe"?

    • I have issues with the artistic leanings of just about all of 'em!

      Can anyone tell me in simple terms why I should listen to any of them?  It doesn't matter a fiddler's fart to me how Dana or Bono are voting and I am baffled as to why I should care how they vote, let alone be persuaded by them.

      Do as I do – make up your own mind, and if that fails, then ring Joe.

      • I could toss a coin in the air. I could look at the morning sky on Friday 22nd and decide not venture out. I could go to the nearest bookies office and lay an each-way bet.

  2. I see the bishops are having their say about whats best for the children this weekend. they must have finally got to the end of that learning curve they were on.

  3. Regarding marrying yourself………… gives a whole new meaning to that old saying

    " Go and Fuck yourself.,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hmmmmmmm!

  4. Isn't the voting all computerized now? If so, then brush up on your blackhat abilities and go to it. I just know you take these referendums and make them real entertaining. Or do they just write votes on pieces of paper and stick 'em in a hat?

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