Hate Love Hate

I sometimes wonder if I live on the same planet as everyone else.

Recently they ran a drama series on television here in Ireland – "Love/Hate".

This is a drama about drug dealing scumbags in the seedier parts of Dublin [are there any other parts?].  It seems to be a sort of Irish version of "Breaking Bad".  Now I watched "Breaking Bad" and enjoyed it through to the end; all five series.  I would be quite happy to watch the whole thing again, and may even do so one day.

When "Love/Hate" first started a few years ago I watched an episode or two.  Frankly, and in my humble opinion, it was fucking dire.  As usual with most [but not all] Irish drama the script was clichéed and the acting was terrible.    I stuck it out for an episode or two as I believe in giving a fair trial, but gave it up as a lost cause.

It recently finished the fifth series, and to my bemusement all hell broke loose.  People were crying their eyes out that the series had finished.  Newspapers ran stories about the lead character being violently killed [from what I can gather, violence seems to be the norm in the series so I don’t know what else they expected?].  Twitter of course lit up like Grafton Street in mid-Winter.  Next thing, to my amazement I see the head of RTE Drama being interviewed on the main evening News as to whether or not there will be another series.  For fuck's sake – get a fucking grip!!

Now I see that there will be another series but not next year.  Seeing as most of the characters in it seems to have been gruesomely killed off I don't know how they will manage.  Maybe a shower scene will feature somewhere?

I won't be watching the next series either.

If I want to see gangs of lowlife knuckledraggers dealing drugs and beating each other up I'll just nip into Skobieville any day of the week.

It's more realistic and the acting is better.


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